Radiant Angles: Asscher-Cut Engagement Rings

The Asscher cut is marked by its geometric precision and a square shape with trimmed corners. With its step-cut design, it offers a bold and architectural-like aesthetic. An Asscher cut engagement ring, therefore, displays the criss cross patterned facets of the diamond and draws the eye into its depths.

Thanks to the angular lines that define this particular cut, our Asscher cut engagement rings display a distinctive silhouette and character while also standing as a contemporary twist to classic round-cut engagement rings. Whether it is the classic solitaire setting for a look that never gets old or the halo setting for more shine, our Asscher cut engagement rings are precisely designed to be lifelong companions that enrich your moments of joy.

Asscher-Cut Engagement Rings FAQs

Which band matches well with an Asscher-cut engagement ring?

To complement the geometric lines of this cut, a sleek and simple band can be a desirable choice for an Asscher cut diamond engagement ring. Alternatively, a twisted or knife edge band can add a touch of modernity to the ring.

What does the Asscher-cut symbolize?

With its structured square patterns and trimmed corners, it resembles a hall of mirrors and stands for a commitment to simplicity, clarity and symmetry. However, its symbolic meaning is shaped by the sentiments and meanings you choose to attribute to any particular piece.

What is the difference between Asscher and emerald-cut?

Both cuts have a rectangular shape with trimmed corners. However, the main distinction is in their faceting styles. The Asscher-cut features a step-cut design with concentric square facets while the emerald-cut has more rectangular facets and a more open and elongated look. The Asscher-cut can therefore be an alternative for those who like the look of emerald-cut but prefer a square shape. For more information about different cut types, you can also consult our Engagement Ring Guide.