On or Off the Court, But Always In Style: Moissanite Tennis Bracelets

Eternate’s exclusive moissanite tennis bracelet collection is designed to reflect joy in every facet. Each bracelet is handcrafted with care, and the sparkling moissanites are all cut for a perfect, even size and shape. This creates a cascade of tiny rainbows that moves and shimmers with every turn of your wrist.

Tennis bracelets are timeless for a reason. The continuous chain of moissanites creates a sense of movement and dynamism, which catches the energy and active spirit of its namesake sport. This very design offers a uniform and visually impressive, shiny line. With all that shine, these moissanite bracelets are sure to light up any room you enter.

Moissanite Tennis Bracelets FAQs

Why is it called a tennis bracelet?

There is an interesting story behind its origin. The story goes that Chris Evert, a leading tennis player of the period, lost her diamond bracelet mid-match. She then requested her jeweler to make a more durable version of it so that it wouldn’t snag on her racket or break during play. The result was a tennis bracelet with a line of diamonds that are held securely in a metal channel. In the end, a practical need gave birth to unexpected aesthetics and a trendy accessory.

How can I clean my tennis bracelet?

There are simple cleaning steps you can take at home. Soak your gold tennis bracelet in a bowl of warm water mixed with mild soap. Gently scrub the bracelet with a soft toothbrush to remove dirt and oils. You can then rinse it under warm water and dry it with a cloth. For more detailed information, you can consult our jewelry care guide.

How can I stack a tennis bracelet?

You can mix and match styles, metals and textures. You can pair it with bangles or cuffs for a dynamic contrast. For more individualized options, you may also consider wearing it with name bracelets or charm bracelets.