Evil Eye Pendant NecklaceEvil Eye Pendant Necklace

Evil Eye Pendant Necklace

Yellow Gold

Write Your Story in Gold: A Gold Pendant Necklace for Every You

Gold pendants have always carried stories of wealth, power and self-expression across civilizations. Just like those who wore them before you, your story deserves a piece of gold, too.

At Eternate, we craft pendant necklaces that celebrate your individuality and style. Whether you're drawn to the zodiac signs or the symbolism of infinity, our collection is your canvas you can express yourself with.

Layer Up

Mix and match our pendants to create a look that's uniquely you. Wear a delicate evil eye pendant for protection paired with your zodiac sign or a bold initial necklace layered with a diamond pendant. Play with texture and metal tones to create a stylish, complimentary look that’s you in every detail. The possibilities are endless.

Find Your Golden Voice

We believe in the power and beauty of personal expression. That’s why our custom pendant necklaces are designed to become miniature tokens reflecting your personality and values. Let the world know who you are with a touch of shiny gold. No matter which pendant necklace you choose, it becomes a cherished piece, a symbol you carry close to your heart.

Gold Pendants FAQs

What is the meaning of gold pendant?

It often holds personal or symbolic meaning for the wearer and its meaning can vary based on its design and any personal or cultural significance attached to it. Some may choose pendants with symbols representing spirituality, love or protection. Others may opt for initials, birthstones , or other custom pieces that hold deep sentimental and personal meaning.

Can I wear my gold pendant everyday?

Yes, you can certainly wear your gold pendant every day if you wish. Gold is a durable and precious metal, and it is well-suited for regular wear. However, it is advised to properly care for your pendant.

How do I clean and maintain my gold pendant?

First of all, you should remove your gold pendant before engaging in harsh physical activities that might subject it to any damage or stress. You can also periodically clean it with a soft cloth or a special mild jewelry cleaner to maintain its shine.