Redefining Tradition: Men’s Engagement Rings

The old ‘rules’ are changing, and engagement rings aren't just for the women anymore. Today, the jewelry landscape is embracing inclusivity and men’s engagement rings are riding the wave. In fact, this trend extends far beyond the engagement rings for men and reflects a broader shift towards jewelry that celebrates individuality and breaks free from fixed gender norms.

In line with this, as Eternate, we prioritize inclusivity and equality within the jewelry industry and embrace the concept of jewelry for everyone. We acknowledge that love and commitment deserve equal representation, regardless of gender. With these principles in mind, we've crafted a unique collection of male engagement rings tailored specifically for men. They come in a variety of designs and draw inspiration from historical masculine symbols of strength and power, but with a modern interpretation. From more classic diamond-accented bands to contemporary settings, each engagement ring for men is carefully crafted with quality and equality in mind to break free from outdated traditions. Choose yours to break down barriers and step up as equal partners.

Men’s Engagement Rings FAQs

Can men wear engagement rings?

Absolutely! There's no rule stating that engagement rings are exclusively for brides-to-be. In fact, more and more men nowadays are embracing the tradition of wearing engagement rings mainly due to the changes in gender norms and shift of focus more on gender equality. Thus, we can say that it’s a personal choice that reflects changing views on gender roles and traditions.

How do I choose a men’s engagement ring?

If you would like to wear a men’s engagement ring yourself or purchase one for your partner, you may first decide if you and your partner would like to have matching engagement rings. If so, to match your rings, choose styles in the same metal color or pieces that can complement each other. However, there are no rules saying that your rings must match. You can always opt for the one that you liked the most or that will make him feel special. As the last step, make sure that you choose the right ring size by consulting our guide for measuring your ring size.

On which finger do men wear an engagement ring?

Tradition has it that you wear it on the ring finger of your left hand, where you would wear your wedding band. Some also may decide to wear it on a separate finger or your right hand as a fashion ring. However, it’s up to your own preferences and how you style your rings at this point.

Should a woman get a man an engagement ring?

It is purely something you should decide and there are no rules telling you not to. The act of exchanging or wearing an engagement ring is now beyond the confinements of tradition and rigid gender norms. Talk to your partner about your thoughts and feelings on engagement rings, traditions and expectations then you can make a choice based on comfort and shared happiness.