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Cross Moissanite Wedding Band

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Moissanite Wedding Bands: Sustainable and Captivating Choices

Inherent strength of moissanite and skilled craftsmanship come together with different colors and designs within Eternate’s moissanite wedding bands collection. Our moissanite wedding bands are elaborately crafted to serve as lasting reminders of the happiness and joy shared on your special day. These exquisitely designed bands can thus become heirlooms that are meant to transcend generations and carry the cherished stories of your joyful moments into the future. Moreover, since it is a lab-created gem, moissanite has minimal environmental impact and choosing a moissanite wedding band reflects a conscious decision to embrace a sustainable and responsible approach through jewelry choice.

Moissanite Wedding Bands FAQs

Is moissanite good for a wedding ring?

Certainly, moissanite offers a more sustainable alternative to traditional diamond wedding bands without compromising brilliance and durability.

How is moissanite different from diamonds?

Moissanite offers similar visual appeal and luster at a more affordable price. However, it has more rainbow sparkle and brilliance than a diamond. Moissanite has other distinct differences too, such as a higher dispersion, which gives it a fiery sparkle. Moreover, it alleviates ethical concerns associated with diamond mining. To learn more about the differences between them, you can check our Moissanite vs. Diamond guide.

How can I care for my moissanite ring?

Although it’s a highly durable stone, we recommend you regularly clean it with mild soap and warm water and avoid harsh chemicals to maintain the luster of your moissanite ring. For more detailed information, you can check our jewelry care guide or contact us at