14k Gold Birthstone Snake Ring14k Gold Birthstone Snake Ring

14k Gold Birthstone Snake Ring

Yellow Gold
14k Gold Trio Birthstone Ring14k Gold Trio Birthstone Ring

14k Gold Trio Birthstone Ring

Yellow Gold

Gold Birthstone Rings

Eternate’s vibrant collection of gold birthstone rings give you the perfect opportunity to express yourself and your personal style! Perfect as a gift, these personal and colorful birthstones offer a fun way to celebrate yourself or a loved one. All of our 14k gold birthstone rings are available in gold, rose and silver, and are highly customizable. Just pick the birthstone you want and use our free engraving service to make your gift even more unique. Ethically sourced and crafted to the highest quality, your Eternate gold birthstone ring will be an heirloom in the making for generations to come.

Gold Birthstone Rings FAQs

Can a birthstone ring be an engagement ring?

Non-diamond engagement rings are getting ever more popular and for good reason. Each relationship, and each couple is different. As a modern twist on the classical engagement ring, a non-traditional gold birthstone ring offers couples a personal way to celebrate the uniqueness of their relationship.

Which finger should I wear a birthstone ring on?

There is no assigned finger for a birthstone ring to be put on. It is entirely up to you and how you like to wear your rings.

Can birthstone rings be stacked?

Of course! Colorful and vibrant gold birthstone rings make great stacking rings. Mix and match your unique birthstone gold ring with other rings and birthstone jewelry to add a personal touch and flare to your style.