As part of our commitment to social and environmental responsibility, we use only recycled gold at Eternate. That means 100% of our pieces of jewelry are made with recycled metals.

Why is it important to use recycled gold?

Most of the time, customers do not know the origin of the gold in their jewelry. Nor do they know how it is mined. Gold mining is in fact one of the most destructive industries in the world, causing environmental pollution and serious human rights violations. It pollutes land and drinking water, destroying ecosystems and displacing entire communities. Moreover miners are often forced to work for low wages, under poor safety standards and inhumane labor conditions. By choosing recycled gold, together we can reduce the demand for newly mined gold and thus help reduce the environmental and social impact dirty gold mining practices have.

Did you know that producing gold for just 1 wedding ring creates more than 20 tons of waste?

Environmental impacts of gold mining


As a result of gold mining practices, over 30 different kinds of toxic materials, including cyanide, arsenic, lead and mercury are routinely directly dumped into surrounding water bodies such as rivers, lakes and oceans by gold mining companies. Even when these companies built dams to contain this toxic waste, oftentimes the toxic waste just leaks or seeps into groundwater or spills over, once again contaminating the waters.

Solid Waste

There are two ways in which gold mining generates solid waste. The actual digging up of the mine is the first one of these, which creates huge piles of soil and rock. And then there is the actual processing of the ore to produce gold, which creates an unbelievable amount of 20 tons of waste for just one gold ring. The toxic remains of these processes are often left behind as huge piles, some reaching a height of 100 meters. You can think of the length of a soccer field for reference.

Natural Areas

Due to its nature, gold mining can be practiced in very specific natural areas and requires aggressive processes that have a brutal impact on biodiversity and entire ecosystems. These areas are often forested lands and they also include officially protected areas. According to Earthworks nearly three quarters of active mines and exploration sites are in regions deemed of having high conservation value.

Where does recycled gold come from?

As Eternate, we are committed to our promise of being a socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible company. That is why 100% of the gold we use comes from recycled resources. Gold can be remelted and recycled infinitely without being oxidized, corroded or degrading. That means recycled gold will always retain its quality. At Eternate, pieces of old jewelry, industrial use materials, cables and electronics components are some of the resources we recycle to craft bespoke and responsible pieces of fine jewelry for you.