Step 1

Share what inspires you. Fill out the Custom Made form, send us photos if you have them, and explain your idea as detailed as possible.

Step 2

Collaborate with our Designers We will contact you and inform you of a plan which will include a quote and details for your custom piece of jewelry based on your detailed form about your wishes.

Step 3

Approve Drafts and Finalize Change and alter the drafts until the design is perfectly coherent with your ideals. Be creative as you wish, and we’ll challenge ourselves to make it happen.

Step 4

Meet with your precious in real life! The exquisite union of sentimental values and quality is embodied in gold to be your signature jewelry.

Custom Made Form

Preferred Method of Communication

Gemstone preference:

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Example Of Custom Made


What can I do in “Custom Made”?

You can create a totally unique piece from scratch, alter an existing one, replicate patent-free designs or modify a jewelry piece you already have. We can use parts of your own jewelry, as you wish, or supply all the required components and create your one and only.

Can I choose different metals/stones other than what’s been offered in the form?

Yes, you can choose different metals/stones in any aspect of your jewelry design. Please specify your choice in the form so that we can get back to you on feasibility. We will challenge ourselves to make it happen.

How much does custom design cost?

It’s hard to tell a range when the expenses are concordant with your design and the design is yet to be decided! So we can’t really give you a number but promise that we will guide you through the process where you get your custom jewelry piece at the most reasonable and fairest price.

Can I see my design before I pay?

After your design idea has been finalized, it’s time for the technical drawings and constructing a 3D model and be entirely sure about your design's safe and durable engineering. We will charge you a small amount of fee before proceeding with this step and if you decide to make your dream ring a reality, the fee will be deducted from the final price of your jewelry.

You may also choose to pay the total price and accept the deduction of the fee in case of a change of mind before the actual production.

What is your refund/return policy?

Since the item is built from scratch just for you and all the components are custom picked for the specific design we won’t be able to take it back in stock or utilize other components. Though there is nothing to be worried about because we will proceed working on your design until you are perfectly confident with it and we are highly flexible on making changes until the last minute before production.

When will my custom jewelry arrive?

The whole process, from your first contact with us to the delivery day, might take 2-6 weeks. When you see your authentic perspective in 3D, the exquisite feeling of custom designing your jewelry will be worth the wait.