Peachy Sparkle: Peach Morganite Engagement Rings

At Eternate, we believe an engagement ring should be as unique and special as your love itself. That's why we created a stunning collection of peach morganite engagement rings . Handcrafted with care and set in unique designs, each piece offers a fancy alternative to classic engagement rings. The peach morganite gem, especially in this rosy "color of the year" shade, feels fresh and romantic and is just perfect as a symbol of your engagement. It leaves a soft, velvety feeling on your finger and offers a nontraditional way of celebrating your new beginning with joy and excitement. Our peach morganite rings will therefore become a promise to cherish every day and all the happiness to come.

Peach Morganite Engagement Rings FAQ

Is morganite a stone or gem?

Morganite is actually both a stone and a gem. It starts out as a mineral called beryl, which is a beautiful stone in its natural form. But when beryl is found in a specific pink to orange color range and cut and polished afterwards, it becomes a precious gemstone known as morganite.

What does the peach morganite mean?

Peach morganite is a beautiful gemstone, and it carries some beautiful meanings too. The soft pink and peachy hues naturally remind us of love in all its forms. It's therefore said to promote compassion, understanding and a deep connection with those you care about. This lively color is also often associated with the warmth of a sunrise. It is thought to symbolize fresh starts, optimism and life itself. That’s why a peach morganite engagement ring can be a lovely reminder of the exciting new chapter your relationship is embarking on.

Can I wear morganite every day?

Morganite is a great choice for everyday wear. It ranks at a 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which means it's quite durable and can be worn every day. Just remember to take it off for activities like cleaning or exercising to keep it sparkling for years to come.

Is morganite too soft for an engagement ring?

While not too soft, it's true that peach morganite stone requires a bit more care compared to some traditional engagement ring stones. You might just need to take it off for certain activities and get it professionally cleaned more frequently.

Why choose a morganite engagement ring?

There are so many wonderful reasons to choose a peach morganite ring for your engagement. The soft, peachy hues are incredibly romantic and loving, and the stone itself is much less common, which makes your ring even more special and one of a kind. Morganite also pairs beautifully with a variety of precious metals including vintage rose gold settings and more contemporary white gold bands. All these reasons and many more make morganite a stunning and unique alternative to traditional gemstones generally used in engagement rings .