Forever Sparkle, Conscious Choice: Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Eternate’s lab-grown diamond tennis bracelets are crafted with care to become shiny witnesses to every laugh, milestone and memory you hold dear. Our expert team pays attention to every detail, from the ethically sourced stones to the secure clasps, so that your lab grown diamond tennis bracelet can be a cherished companion for years to come.

Our lab diamond tennis bracelets are designed as slender bands covered with sparkling gems cut in various shapes, wrapping around your wrist with a comfortable and flexible fit. But don't let their delicate appearance trick you, the prongs are strong and secure and hold each stone with a firm yet gentle grip. Rest assured, your sparkle is safe and sound and sure to be with you for a lifetime.

Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelets FAQs

How should a tennis bracelet fit?

It's all about finding the sweet spot between security and comfort. You should be able to slip one finger comfortably between the bracelet and your wrist. This allows for some movement but not so much that it risks slipping off. Some prefer a closer fit, while others like a bit more room. So, it's all about what feels good on you.

What is the ideal diamond size for a tennis bracelet?

Honestly, there's no single ideal size because it all depends on you. For instance, 1-2 total carat weight is perfect if you like a modest yet classy look. 3-5 carat total weight would be somewhere between modest and bold. It’s not just about the total weight though. The size of individual diamonds is also important. Smaller stones create a coherent, delicate look, while larger ones sparkle boldly. So, consider if you prefer a consistent shine or a bolder, eye-catching display.

Can I wear my diamond tennis bracelet everyday?

Certainly, if you wish to. They are designed to be durable and worn everyday, even during heavy physical activities like workouts and sports!

Is a lab diamond a real diamond?

A lab-grown diamond is a diamond in chemical and physical terms. The only difference between them is their origin. Lab diamonds are created in controlled environments while natural diamonds are mined from earth. They look the same as natural diamonds, although coming at a more modest price. For more information on lab diamonds, feel free to check out our lab grown vs natural diamonds guide.

Do most people buy lab diamonds?

While traditional mined diamonds still hold a significant value and share of the market, lab-grown diamonds are definitely gaining ground. More and more people consider lab diamonds due to its increasing popularity and affordability.