Love Takes Shape: Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings

Emerald engagement rings hold an exclusive position when it comes to engagement rings. They are distinguished from other diamond cuts due to their distinctive rectangular shape with cropped corners along with its step-cut faceting, which is characterized by long, linear facets that look like a staircase or a hall of mirrors. The geometric precision of this cut showcases the stone's natural clarity, and therefore, it is thought to symbolize a commitment to honesty and transparency in a relationship. This association is perhaps why an emerald cut ring is one of the most highly preferred cut types for an engagement ring.

Eternate offers distinctive and sustainable pieces in its ethically sourced emerald cut engagement ring collection. You may decide to wear them as a standalone piece, or pair them with a wedding band or an eternity ring. Either way, this thoughtful selection provides innovative designs and creative settings that will crown your joy in your special day.

Emerald Engagement Rings FAQs

Is an emerald cut engagement ring a good idea?

Emerald cut is a widely appreciated style for an engagement ring, since it truly displays and reflects the inherent clarity of the stone with its clean geometrical lines. Owing to this, the emerald cut diamond ring has endured fleeting trends.

What kind of wedding band goes with an emerald cut engagement ring?

It’s naturally up for you to decide, however, a classic, simple and elegant choice for a wedding band would complement the emerald cut diamond engagement ring. Nevertheless, a channel-set or pave band may also enhance the sparkle of the center emerald cut stone without overshadowing it.

What does an emerald cut engagement ring symbolize?

It is thought to symbolize clarity and open communication in a relationship. The clean outlines of emerald cut are also said to carry a sense of authenticity and honesty.

What stones look best in emerald cut?

An emerald cut engagement ring often pairs remarkably well with diamonds due to their pure lines and facets that highlight the stone's clarity. However, they can also display the brilliance of alternative and more sustainable stones like moissanite and lab-grown diamonds without compromising on the visual appeal.