Eternate and One Tree Planted

"The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all, our most pleasing responsibility."

― Wendell Berry

What Are the Impacts?

The contributions made to One Tree Planted are used only for planting trees. However, the impacts of planting the right trees in the right habitats are much more than a mere increase in the number of trees.

An elderly African American woman holding two seedlings in a greenhouse

Planting indigenous trees also cultivates biodiversity, reduces erosion and floods, and protects animals.

A cute dark-haired girl in the forest, hugging the fruit in her hand, looks at the camera with a smile.

Healthy trees clean the air, offset carbon emissions, and thus reduce the effects of climate change.

A sweet little squirrel licking a person's finger in a forest

Forestry industry provides lots of job opportunities for the communities and a variety of nutritions both for humans and animals.

How can you help One Tree Planted directly?

one tree planted green square logo

If you want to contribute further and continue creating a positive impact, you can individually make a donation or be a Tree Ambassador! Visit One Tree Planted for details and more information.