How to clean fine jewelry?

We recommend our customers visit their local professional jeweler every six months for a safe, quality cleaning. Proper procedures for different types of jewelry will be best handled at professional hands.However, if you want to clean at home, following these simple recommendations will be enough;

  • Let your jewelry sit in warm water mixed with regular dish soap for five minutes.
  • Then use a new, clean brush that is soft enough not to scratch your jewelry and brush your jewelry.
  • After rinsing it with warm water, air dry or wipe your jewelry with a soft fabric.

At Eternate, every piece of jewelry is gold so beware that you should avoid chlorine, detergent, toothpaste, or any substances other than dish soap to protect your jewelry from tarnish. Strong chemicals like bleach can discolor precious metals, and abrasives like toothpaste and baking soda can scratch soft metals.

Does my jewelry need cleaning?

We recommend our customers visit their local professional jeweler every six months or at least once a year for items worn regularly.

Does my jewelry need polishing?

Shine finish jewelry will require polishing quicker than matt, ice-matt, or other finishes. Regularly used jewelry can be polished once a year to keep the look and the shine. If your jewelry is plated, replating will be required after polishing. Only a professional jeweler can handle polishing and replating.

What's the difference between jewelry cleaning and jewelry polishing?

There are two main options for taking care of your jewelry: polishing and cleaning. Both methods are meant to help maintain your pieces shiny and clean.

Cleaning is the process of removing any dirt or grease (like skin oils or body lotions) from your jewelry pieces. As we wear jewelry daily, they get stained and tarnished easily therefore you should clean your jewelry at home every six months to ensure the correct maintenance.

There are also professional cleaning systems, like ultrasonic cleaning. This method is highly recommended for cleaning diamonds and precious metals, as they are very delicate and have a natural tendency to attract grease. Ultrasonic cleaning uses vibration and shakes the piece until every foreign material is out, avoiding scratch or damage. This cleaning method is the best and safest for your delicate jewelry pieces when experts do it.

Polishing is a much more thorough technique to clean your jewelry; it will make your jewelry look brand new. This method uses a polishing wheel to remove any dirt without scratching your piece, restoring its original brilliant shine. For correct and proper treatment, this method should be done by experts.