Ruby Huggies in 14k Solid GoldRuby Huggies in 14k Solid Gold

Ruby Huggies in 14k Solid Gold

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July Sparkle, Ruby Elegance

Rubies are formed in the intense pressure and heat beneath the earth’s surface and are therefore said to embody the fiery essence of life. Due to their intense red color’s similarity to life-giving blood, they are often associated with the life force that courses through our veins and are believed to symbolize passion, courage and strength one bears within. As the July birthstone, ruby holds a special connection to those born in this month and offers them these powerful qualities.

Each piece in Eternate’s ruby jewelry collection captures these sharp red gemstones perfectly, like miniature bursts of passion. Whether in a ruby birthstone ring, necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings, the subtle intensity of the stone shines through and reflects the wearer's essence.

Ruby Jewelry FAQs

Which is the birth month for the ruby gemstone?

Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July.

What does the ruby stone symbolize?

Ruby carries cultural and symbolic significance. It is thought to symbolize intense emotions and is often linked to concepts such as love, vitality, and protection. It is believed to embody confidence, courage, and strength while providing a shield against negative energies. Ruby is also believed to attract good fortune and success.

Is ruby a lucky birthstone?

Yes, ruby is often considered a lucky birthstone, particularly for individuals born in July. In many cultures, it is associated with good fortune, prosperity, and protection. Therefore, it is believed to bring luck and success to the wearer.