14k Gold Men's Signet Ring14k Gold Men's Signet Ring

14k Gold Men's Signet Ring

White Gold
14k Gold Polished Square Ring14k Gold Polished Square Ring

14k Gold Polished Square Ring

White Gold
14k Gold Octagon Signet Ring14k Gold Octagon Signet Ring

14k Gold Octagon Signet Ring

White Gold

Eternate's Signet Rings: Where Tradition Meets Individuality

Men’s signet rings are characterized by their bold and assertive look with an emphasis on simplicity, individuality and masculinity. These rings are crafted from sturdy materials and usually have clean unadorned lines and strong shapes, rather than overt ornaments.

Eternate’s signet ring collection is specifically designed for men and incorporates bold and distinctive pieces that make a strong statement. Personalize your style with our engravable men’s gold signet rings; carry your own initials, those of a loved one, or a symbol that holds significance always with you. Our expert team will elaborately craft each ring so that they become your companion that bears your distinct mark.

Men’s Signet Rings FAQs

What does a signet ring mean for a man?

For a man, a signet ring can serve as a symbol of identity due to engraved motifs that connect to heritage or personal values. Therefore, custom men’s signet rings can imply a connection with tradition and convey a sense of strength, resilience and individuality.

On which finger should a man wear a ring?

It varies depending on personal preference and cultural differences. Some men prefer to wear a signet ring on the ring finger of his non-dominant hand while others may opt for the pinky finger or the index finger.

What is the most popular signet ring shape?

The oval or round-shaped signet ring is among the most popular choices, allowing space for engravings. Other popular signet ring shapes include square, rectangular and cushion shapes.

Can a signet ring be engraved?

Yes, signet rings are in fact designed to be engraved. The flat surface of the signet ring, known as the seal, is particularly suitable for engraving. For more information on engraving options, you can contact us at service@eternate.com.