Flush Set Diamond Wedding BandWhite, Rose, Yellow, 14k Gold, 18k Gold

Flush Set Diamond Wedding Band

Yellow Gold
Prong-Set Diamond Wedding BandProng-Set Diamond Wedding Band

Prong-Set Diamond Wedding Band

Yellow Gold
U-Curved Diamond Wedding BandU-Curved Diamond Wedding Band

U-Curved Diamond Wedding Band

Yellow Gold
Open Trio Diamond Wedding BandWhite, Rose, Yellow, 14k Gold, 18k Gold

Open Trio Diamond Wedding Band

Yellow Gold

Beyond the Single Band: Eternate's Stackable Rings

Gold stackable wedding rings bring a modern and different approach to celebrating matrimony. They refer to a contemporary trend where individuals wear multiple rings by mixing and matching different designs, metals or gemstones. Therefore, the stacking design allows for a personalized combination, resulting in a unique arrangement. The grouping of different gold tones, textures and widths with gold stacking rings creates a dynamic and unconventional look on the finger.

Eternate’s stackable wedding bands collection offers a wide array of options so that you can infuse your personal touch and interpretation into your wedding rings. Whether you decide to layer a dainty pave band with a bold clustered piece or pair an eternity band with a minimalist curved ring, the choice is entirely yours. Feel free to create your own stack by mixing metals, textures and designs however you like, as there are no rules but endless possibilities.

Stackable Wedding Rings FAQs

How can I stack an engagement ring and a wedding band?

You can choose to complement styles and proportions of an engagement ring and a wedding band. Alternatively, with a little creativity, you can also bring contrasting styles together by mixing metals, different stone arrangements or textures. However, personal preference and style is the key, so feel free to experiment until you achieve a combination of stacking wedding bands that you are happy with.

What is the purpose of stacking rings?

The main purpose of stacking rings is to create a personalized arrangement of different rings to freely express your unique aesthetic. Therefore, they offer a stylish and creative way to wear multiple wedding rings by leaving room for self-expression and individuality in jewelry choices.

Should stackable wedding rings be the same size?

Stackable wedding rings do not necessarily have to be the same size. In fact, to achieve an appealing and dynamic look, it is recommended to experiment with different ring sizes, designs and styles.