More Than Just Diamonds: Solitaire Engagement Rings

Throughout centuries and across traditions, solitaire engagement rings have served as a representation of couples expressing their commitment to unite their lives. These rings have always meant sharing a journey and a mutual desire to build a future together. Their prominence lies in their singular focus, where a single, boldly displayed gemstone takes center stage. This very design symbolizes the singularity of the commitment between two individuals.

Our solitaire engagement rings collection emphasizes the purity and unity of the relationships these rings represent. Eternate offers understated settings and innovative designs without compromising the core concepts of singularity and sustainability. From classic round or oval solitaire engagement rings to modern princess-cut options, each ring embodies a graceful simplicity and your pledge to tackle the challenges of life hand in hand.

Solitaire Engagement Rings FAQs

Is a solitaire ring good for engagement?

Yes. A solitaire ring is one of the most popular and prominent choices for an engagement ring. It symbolizes the power of a singular, focused connection between two individuals.

Why are solitaire rings so popular?

The classic appeal and enduring style of a solitaire engagement ring make it a popular and perpetual choice for engagement.

What is the difference between a diamond and a solitaire ring?

A diamond is a precious gemstone that can be featured in an engagement ring. On the other hand, a solitaire ring is a style of engagement ring. It is a design concept characterized by a single, prominent gemstone, usually a diamond or moissanite, set on a simple band.

What band looks good with a solitaire?

It highly depends on your individual preferences and style. If you like the focus to remain on the singular beauty of the center gemstone, a slender and simple band often complements a solitaire engagement ring well. However, a delicate pave band with side stones can also enhance the overall elegance without overshadowing the solitaire. For more information on engagement ring designs and settings, see our Engagement Ring Guide, which may help you decide on the ring that suits you the most.

What is the best shape for a solitaire engagement ring?

The shape of the solitaire ring depends on your personal preferences. A round solitaire engagement ring is a classic and a popular choice for solitaires; however, other cut types such as princess, oval, emerald, cushion, asscher, heart, radiant, marquise and pear cuts all have something unique to offer while also having a contemporary and modern aesthetic.