Eternate's Lab-Grown Diamonds: Where Ethics Meet Eternity

If you are in search of a tasteful ring that symbolizes your bond but also reflects your conscious choices, look no further because lab diamond engagement rings prove to be an ideal decision. Lab diamonds are created through various processes in controlled labs, and they simulate the brilliance of mined diamonds but with less environmental footprint.

Eternate’s lab grown diamond engagement rings are crafted with ethically sourced stones and are set in designs that challenge conventions. Our distinctive cuts, like the captivating marquise, cushion or pear, dance with light in ways never seen before. Our distinguishing settings range from mesmerizing halo and side stone accented designs to vintage-inspired clusters and twisted bands. Alongside their beauty, each of our lab created diamond engagement rings represents an eco-conscious choice, allowing you to celebrate your engagement with joyful and responsible jewelry.

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings FAQs

Is a lab diamond a real diamond?

Yes, a lab-grown diamond is a real diamond. Lab diamonds are created using innovative processes that replicate the conditions under which diamonds are formed naturally. They share the same features as diamonds that are mined from the Earth, which makes them indistinguishable from natural diamonds. For more detailed information, check out our lab-grown vs. natural diamonds guide.

Are lab-created diamonds good for engagement rings?

Yes, lab-created diamonds can be an excellent and unconventional choice for engagement rings. They are considered environmentally friendly and conflict-free, as they do not involve mining. Therefore, especially for those who prioritize sustainability and wish to reflect this on their jewelry choices, choosing lab made diamond engagement rings makes a stunning and responsible option.

What are the advantages of lab-grown diamonds?

One of the advantages of lab grown diamonds is that even though they share similar properties with natural diamonds in terms of appearance and quality, they often come at a lower cost. This provides a budget-friendly jewelry option when compared to naturally formed diamonds. Additionally, lab diamonds do not require mining. So they alleviate ethical concerns that are usually associated with gemstone mining.

Do lab diamonds lose their sparkle?

Lab diamonds don’t lose their sparkle over time. Just like natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are quite durable and resistant to damage and wear.