14k Gold Men's Signet Ring14k Gold Men's Signet Ring

14k Gold Men's Signet Ring

White Gold
14k Gold 8.0mm Chain Ring14k Gold 8.0mm Chain Ring

14k Gold 8.0mm Chain Ring

White Gold
14k Gold 6.0mm Chain Ring14k Gold 6.0mm Chain Ring

14k Gold 6.0mm Chain Ring

White Gold
14k Gold Polished Square Ring14k Gold Polished Square Ring

14k Gold Polished Square Ring

White Gold
14k Gold Octagon Signet Ring14k Gold Octagon Signet Ring

14k Gold Octagon Signet Ring

White Gold
14k Gold Oxidized Twist Ring14k Gold Oxidized Twist Ring

14k Gold Oxidized Twist Ring

Yellow Gold
14k Gold 10.0mm Chain Ring14k Gold 10.0mm Chain Ring

14k Gold 10.0mm Chain Ring

White Gold
14k Gold Pyramid Ring14k Gold Pyramid Ring

14k Gold Pyramid Ring

White Gold

Dare to Be Different: Eternate's Men's Rings

Within Eternate’s selection of men's rings, you'll discover an array of styles that spans from classic signet rings for men to daring and bold pieces that challenge the boundaries of tradition. Our collection is a compilation of diverse aesthetics, as it offers a range of choices that cater to both the classic and the contemporary. Just find the pieces that suit your style, and mix and match and play around to express yourself.

Eternate’s expert team of jewelers dedicate themselves to diligently craft every one of our rings with unparalleled precision and attention to detail. As a result, these custom rings for men emerge as a product of skilled craftsmanship and as a lasting symbol of style for years to come. Choose the one that stands out the most for you and let it do the talking.

Men’s Rings FAQs

What are the most common men's rings?

Common men's ring styles include classic bands, signet rings and wedding bands. Additionally, minimalist designs such as men's fashion rings made out of precious materials like gold, silver, titanium, or tungsten, and men's engagement rings are also among favorable mens ring options.

On which finger should a man wear a ring?

Men often wear rings on the ring finger of their left hand, especially for wedding bands. However, it’s only up to you and your own personal style, taste and preferences.

How to measure men's ring size?

To measure your ring size, you can measure your existing ring or alternatively you can use a piece of string or paper. Wrap it around the finger and mark the circumference. For more detailed information, check our comprehensive ring size guide.

Is it fashionable for men to wear rings?

Yes, the trend for men to wear rings has grown considerably in recent years. Men's gold rings are considered stylish and complementary accessories.