Opulent Hues: Opal Engagement Rings

Opal has long been admired for its mystical properties as well as its eye-catching play of light. It is believed to carry an otherworldly essence and bring luck, protection and hope to the wearer. Its changing hues stand for the alternating nature of life and when set on an engagement ring, an opal stone represents the dynamic flow of emotions that keep the relationship fresh. In doing so, it adds depth to the overall symbolism and significance of engagement.

Eternate’s opal engagement ring collection celebrates the individuality and unique aspects of each relationship. Within this collection, you will find this glowing gemstone placed in creative and delicate settings to reflect your union in the most accurate and aesthetic way possible.

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Opal Engagement Rings FAQs

What is opal?

Opal is a gemstone classified as a mineraloid and can be found in the fissures of almost any kind of rock. It is known for its appealing play of light and symbolic properties. Besides the aesthetic look, opal jewelry is believed to bring good fortune and positive energy to the wearer.

What color is opal?

Opal gemstone displays a spectrum of colors instead of a single tone. Its hues can range from soft white and light blue to lively reds, greens and purples.

What is the symbolism of the opal?

It is believed to provide protection and luck, and is usually associated with hope and renewal. It is also thought to possess all the qualities of each gemstone whose color is displayed in opal.

Is opal a good choice for an engagement ring?

The symbolic aspect of the stone adds a practical and spiritual dimension to the choice of an opal engagement ring. Therefore, an opal gemstone can be a meaningful choice for an engagement ring that is also beyond the constraints of traditional rings.

Is opal good for everyday wear?

It’s a relatively soft gemstone when compared to others, which makes it more prone to scratches and damage. Therefore, when worn daily, an opal ring requires proper maintenance and regular cleaning. For more detailed information on how to care for your opal rings, you can take a look at our jewelry care guide.