Princess Engagement Rings

Princess engagement rings are the perfect match for true romantics at heart. Princess cut diamonds are square diamonds with pointed corners resulting in clean lines and dazzling facets.

Graceful, modern and simple, princess engagement rings are a modern twist to the classic round-cut engagement rings, offering a similar brilliance. Crafted with ethically sourced diamonds and recycled gold, princess engagement rings from Eternate are a romantic alternative for the modern bride who wants to express their style and edge.

Princess Engagement Rings FAQs

What is the difference between a square cut and a princess cut diamond?

Princess cut diamonds are square cut diamonds with pointed corners and an inverted pyramid base. However, not all square cut diamonds are princess cut. Asher, radiant or cushion cut diamonds can also be square shaped.

Are princess cut rings more expensive?

Most of the time the princess cut will be less expensive compared to round, because the shape causes minimal waste, retaining much of the carat weight. However, princess-shaped diamonds might show color in the corners. Therefore, this shape may require a better color grade, which increases the cost. See our engagement ring guide to learn more about the features of different shapes of diamonds.