Eternal Promises: Hearts That Beat Forever with Eternate

The heart shape is a romantic classic, the ultimate symbol of love. As a sweet and unconventional choice, an engagement ring with this iconic shape is a delightful and charming way to celebrate the start of your forever journey together.

Eternate’s heart engagement ring collection boasts a lively aesthetic thanks to the asymmetry and curves of this distinct cut. The selection of heart shaped engagement ring settings exhibit precisely cut and designed pieces, crafted at the hands of our experts. Each piece in this thoughtful selection is crafted with care to mark the beginning of your future together and to accompany you throughout this journey full of happy, heartfelt moments.

Heart Cut Engagement Rings FAQs

Can a heart ring be an engagement ring?

Definitely, a heart shaped ring can be an exceptional and unconventional alternative to more traditional cuts such as round, oval or emerald cut engagement rings. This is mainly because the unique and romantic shape of the heart traditionally carries sentimental value, which makes it a meaningful emblem for a strong commitment that is bound to last forever.

What does a heart shaped engagement ring mean?

Primarily, as expected, a heart shaped diamond engagement ring is a symbol of love, romance, and powerful emotional connection. This is indeed what makes these rings meaningful tokens of affection and commitment. Therefore, a heart promise ring reflects a desire to express love in perhaps the most distinctive and sentimental way possible.

What is the best way to wear a heart shaped ring?

Deciding how to style your heart cut engagement ring is surely up to your own personal style and preferences. However, it’s quite common to wear it with the heart facing outward. When it comes to stacking options, you may wish to combine it with an eternity ring or an anniversary band to make your heart symbol shine even more in an individualized way. Yet, there are no strict rules, and you can wear them in a way that expresses your style and makes you feel most comfortable.