Three Stones, One Promise: Three Stone Engagement Rings

A three stone engagement ring, better known as a trinity ring or a trio engagement ring, features three gemstones set in a row. They are traditionally thought to represent interconnectedness of past, present and future. The three stones in an engagement ring, therefore, mirror the memories you shared with your beloved one in the past, the love and respect you currently share in the present, and the future you will have together.

With our three stone engagement rings collection, we aimed to carry this symbolism to a next level through distinctive designs, arrangements and diverse stone cuts, as well as ethically sourced lab-diamond option. Each ring in our selection is creative, joyful and meaningful, a perfect token to celebrate your journey together.

Three Stone Engagement Rings FAQs

What are three diamonds on a ring called?

This specific style has been given different names such as three stone diamond rings, trinity rings, trilogy rings or trio rings.

What does a three stone engagement ring mean?

Traditionally, the three stones represent the story of a couple's past, present and future together. The center stone is usually the largest one in the trio, and it stands for the present while the side stones are thought to symbolize the past and the future. Therefore, a three stone ring is a meaningful and symbolic representation of a couple's journey together as well as a popular choice for an engagement ring.

When were three stone engagement rings popular?

Three stone engagement rings gained popularity in the late 20th century and continue to be a popular choice for modern couples.