Diamond Birthstones: Personalized Brilliance

Birthstones are gemstones that are traditionally linked with each month of the year and believed to bring luck, protection and meaningful connections to individuals born during those times. As such, diamond birthstone jewelry is assumed to bring invincibility and resilience to those born in April. Diamond birthstones, with origins dating back billions of years, have been praised for their outstanding hardness and brilliance. When worn as the April birthstone, they become a symbolic reflection of the inherent strength and passion associated with April birthdays.

Eternate’s collection of diamond birthstones offers a remarkable array of options for those celebrating April birthdays. From classic diamond birthstone necklaces to diamond birthstone rings, it appeals to individual tastes and preferences. These pieces serve not just as joyful adornments but also as meaningful symbols.

Diamond Birthstone Jewelry FAQs

Is diamond a birthstone?

Yes, a diamond is also a birthstone. Diamonds serve as the birthstone for individuals born in April.

What is the meaning of a diamond birthstone?

Birthstone for April, the diamond holds various symbolic meanings beyond its appealing sparkle. Its name, derived from the Greek 'adamas,' speaks to its first and foremost association: unyielding strength and resilience. Being the hardest natural material on Earth, April birthstone diamonds symbolize the ability to overcome challenges, persevere through adversity and stand firm in the face of hardship.

Why is the diamond the birthstone of April?

Early Roman associations linked April with Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, whose gemstone was diamond. Medieval records further solidified this connection and the diamond's brilliance, purity and strength were linked with April's springtime symbolism. Over time, this connection turned into tradition and the diamond was ascribed as the birthstone of April.

What powers does the diamond birthstone have?

The hardness and brilliance of diamond birthstone are often linked to strength, resilience, and clarity of thought. Some cultures also associate them with protection and good fortune. However, the 'power' of the diamond birthstone lies in the personal meaning you choose to fill it with.

Is the diamond the rarest birthstone?

The rarity of a birthstone can vary depending on the availability of the gemstone in nature or its demand in the market. For example, red and blue diamonds can be exceptionally rare and valuable. However, the traditional white or colorless diamond birthstones can be more widely available.