Birthstone Jewelry Guide

Birthstones are gemstones that are traditionally associated with each month of the year. Each stone is steeped in ancient beliefs that trace their roots back to ancient times, particularly the 15th century. Beyond their aesthetic beauty with each stone boasting distinct colors one more beautiful than the other, each gem is imbued with meaning and symbolic properties. They represent the magic of their month and become a cherished keepsake when crafted into birthstone jewelry that shines with a light all its own.

But birthdays aren't the only moments birthstones are for. Welcome newborns in your family or indulge your family members with gifts that mark momentous milestones. Celebrate your wedding party with gemstones reflecting the special months and create a shared memory you'll treasure for a lifetime. Or, enjoy the beauty of self-expression by treating yourself to a personalized gift that connects you to your birthday. There is one for every occasion and for everyone you hold dear, including yourself.

This comprehensive guide on birthstones will help you learn more about your or your loved ones’ assigned birthstone and discover the symbolic meanings behind them. We are certain you can find the most thoughtful and individualized gift at Eternate, where rainbows of gemstones await.

January - Garnet

Individuals born in January have the privilege to claim the beautiful garnet stone. Taking its name from the Latin word "granatus" meaning "pomegranate seeds," garnet commonly occurs in lusty red color. When it comes to its spiritual aspirations, the birthstone of January symbolizes friendship and love, as well as manifesting the true forms of both. It removes the energetic and emotional limits one may put on themselves and therefore is known as the stone of endless capacity. Physically, the stone cleans out toxins and procures strong metabolism. Besides, garnet's serene energy activates the sacral chakra, which stimulates creativity and passion for the wearer. Eventually, this stone is full of positive vibrations and presents itself as the perfect gift for people born in January.

Garnet Birthstone Icon

February - Amethyst

The month of February has Amethyst as its birthstone, a gem famous for featuring the noble purple from lilac to deeper tones. It got its name from the Greek word 'amethystos', which means 'sober', and has been at the center of attention for most royal families. This lively birthstone symbolizes the purity of the spirits, is linked to the third eye chakra, and enhances intuition. Spiritually, Amethyst cleans the aura from negative energies, giving tranquility to the wearer and the room it's in. Physically, Amethyst is good for anxiety, headaches and fatigue. With this splendid stone's mental and spiritual healing properties, an amethyst ring, earring, or necklace will be the ideal gift for your precious loved ones born in February.

Amethyst Birthstone Icon

March - Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the birthstone of March and gets its name from its stunning sea-blue color, as the word 'Aquamarine' means sea water in Latin. Aquamarine was believed to be the most effective stone for fortune telling in medieval times. Now in the same mystical aspect, Aquamarine connects individuals with their higher selves and helps clear perspective, quiet the mind and make the right decisions. Aquamarine also symbolizes hope and communication, since it has a special connection to the throat chakra. Besides, the stone provides physical relief by relieving issues related to the lungs and respiratory system. All these attributes make Aquamarine a personalized and meaningful gift for your loved ones, especially those born in March.

Aquamarine Birthstone Icon

April - Diamond

The month of April has the famous scintillating diamond for its birthstone. For centuries, diamond has been used as an engagement ring and has tied lovers together. Diamond is the hardest mineral on Earth and stands as a symbol of purity and resilience. This brilliant gemstone helps activate the crown chakra and uses its endurance to destroy undesired patterns of thoughts and acts. When worn, it brings strength, courage, and clarity to individuals born in April. Physically diamond is related to the brain and heart, keeping them young and healthy. Diamond makes a spectacular gift for everyone, though people with April birthdays will surely hold a special appreciation for your thoughtful gesture!

Diamond  Birthstone Icon

May - Emerald

Fascinatingly green, historically worshiped Emerald is the birthstone of May. Clear Emeralds with little to no inclusion are so valuable that they can even be more expensive than a diamond of the same carat. Emerald was associated with good luck in many ancient cultures and was also the favorite gem of the most famous queen of all, Cleopatra. Spiritually, Emerald is known as the protector of lovers and activates the heart chakra, so receiving and giving love would be easier for its wearer. Moreover, this beautiful gemstone is believed to be helpful for the disorders of the heart and lungs. Symbolically, Emerald represents the cycle of spring, just as people with May birthdays do. Spring ends with them, until that next time new life begins to bloom everywhere. Thus marking the season of renewed life, Emerald makes an impeccable and sentimental gift for people born in May!

Emerald Birthstone Icon

June - Alexandrite

Alexandrite, with its stunning blend of blue and red hues, is one of the youngest stones among birthstones and was first discovered in the 19th century. And since then, it came at a point of near-extinction multiple times. Luckily, each time there was another deposit found. Alexandrite is linked to the crown and the third eye chakra. It is the stone of change, receiving divine guidance and healing love from the universe. Moreover, it is favorable for nervous system disorders and blood circulation. As the symbol of prosperity and fortune, this unique gemstone disperses luck to its wearer and makes it the perfect gift for individuals born in June.

Alexandrite Birthstone Icon

July - Ruby

Individuals with July birthdays have the passionate and glorious Ruby as their birthstone. According to some prophecies written on behalf of this stone, a Ruby appears darker in the presence of danger and the stone carries mother earth's drop of blood. Ruby historically symbolizes power, superiority and nobility, and now the gemstone symbolizes wealth, desires, and instinctual emotions. Additionally, it stimulates the heart chakra and disperses enthusiasm for life to its wearer. Physically it is good for adrenals, kidneys and reproductive organs. Overall, the combination of liveliness, durability and its symbolic richness makes ruby stones on jewelry exquisite gifts for your loved ones born in July.

Ruby Birthstone Icon

August - Peridot

Peridot is called 'the evening emerald' due to its alluring green hue and it turns into a reddish tone at night. This distinct stone embodies a unique and vibrant energy that aligns with the spirited essence of the summer month August. It symbolizes harmony, compassion and creativity. Spiritually, this beautiful stone helps form balance between the mind and the soul, and protects the individual wearing it from evil spirits, especially after the sun goes down. Peridot helps its wearer to sleep better, cures their depression, and heals the stomach, kidneys and bowels. Additionally, this lovely stone activates the heart chakra and opens the heart for the love and energy of life, creating beautiful and meaningful jewelry gifts for your loved ones.

Peridot Birthstone Icon

September - Sapphire

The month of September has Sapphire as its birthstone. Though Sapphire possesses a variety of colors, the exquisite and luring blue of this gemstone is the most popular feature known about it. It is the stone of wisdom and joy and has long been the favorite of influential figures both in ancient times and modern days. Spiritually, the Sapphire stone protects its wearer from evil intent and envy while attracting sincerity and the truth. Physically, Sapphire is good for the eyes and ears, as well as for blood and hormonal disorders. Blue sapphires activate the throat and the third eye chakra, especially when worn around the neck and on ears, leading its wearer to healthier communications, expression and decisions. Eventually, it makes a thoughtful and personalized gift for the people with September birthdays.

Sapphire Birthstone Icon

October - Pink Tourmaline

The birthstone of October is the authentic and alluring Tourmaline, which possesses a wider range of colors than most stones. In fact, most of the time, a single gem will feature different colors, but pink to red is the most popular choice when it comes to precious Tourmaline stones. Perhaps due its lively and bold hues, it is the stone of courage and confidence. Spiritually, Tourmaline is known to heal broken hearts and trigger creativity. Physically, by easing the body and relaxing the muscles and the spine, the stone helps heal spinal problems. One of the best things about Tourmaline is that the gem works with all the chakras from the root to the third eye, which sustains the energy flow across the body and enhances productivity. Therefore, if you are searching for a meaningful and powerful gift for your loved ones born in October, look no further than pink Tourmaline jewelry options.

Pink Tourmaline Birthstone Icon

November - Citrine

November has citrine for its birthstone. Citrine reflects the warm and earthy tones that are associated with the autumn season. It’s known as the stone of serenity, positivity, empathy and harmony. This gem is also famous for its light orange color and spiritually contains the lively energy of the sun. With its sunny and cheerful feature, citrine is said to enhance creativity and promote a sense of well-being. It is also thought by some to have properties that aid digestion and support the overall well-being of the digestive system. Jewelry with this beautiful stone presents a lovely gift and a considerate gesture for your loved ones who were born in November.

Citrine Birthstone Icon

December - Blue Topaz

The stone of good fortune, good communication and great opportunities! December's birthstone is the pretty and graceful blue topaz. Spiritually, this gemstone leads its wearer into pathways of success and abundance, as well as protecting travelers and people away from home. Physically, this beautiful gemstone is believed to heal neck and throat problems. In addition, the stone activates the throat chakra, and when worn around the neck, it strengthens the voice and enhances self-assurance—making it the perfect jewelry gift for people born in December.

Blue Topaz Birthstone Icon

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