Beyond Brilliance: Marquise Engagement Rings

With their graceful curves and pointed ends, marquise cut engagement rings rewrite the script on what an engagement ring can be. The elongated, boat-like silhouette of the marquise cut makes the center stone appear larger and adds a unique character to any setting. Its elaborate geometry isn't just beautiful, it maximizes the stone’s dazzling sparkle and captivates the eye.

This distinctive cut makes each ring within Eternate’s marquise engagement ring collection stand out even more. We created diverse settings to truly embrace this cut and designed each ring with dedication and attention to detail to showcase its beauty. Whether you envision a minimalist solitaire marquise cut engagement ring or an appealing design with halos and side stones, the marquise cut adapts flawlessly. It's a choice that promises a lifetime of admiration and joy.

Marquise Engagement Rings FAQs

What does a marquise ring symbolize?

As every engagement ring, a marquise engagement ring symbolizes long lasting love, commitment and the everlasting nature of the relationship. The distinctiveness of the marquise cut can also be said to reflect the uniqueness and individuality of the bond between couples.

Which wedding band can go well with a marquise engagement ring?

A curved or contoured wedding band can perfectly fit the pointed shape of the marquise diamond. Additionally, you can choose a simple, straight band perhaps with small accent diamonds that can add more brilliance and style to the marquise cut engagement ring.

Is marquise diamond more expensive?

Just like other diamond shapes, the cost of a marquise diamond can vary based on its carat weight, cut, color and clarity.

Is clarity or color important in marquise rings?

Both clarity and color are important issues when choosing a marquise diamond for a ring, but personal preferences and budget are also important. For additional information, check out our engagement ring guide.