Side by Side, Forever Bright: Sidestone Engagement Rings

Side stone engagement rings include additional gemstones alongside the central or main solitaire. These additional touches complement the allure of the center stone while also intensifying its luster. They are strategically placed to enhance the overall appearance and symbolic meaning of the ring. This thoughtful arrangement can be seen as a reflection of balance and harmony, which represents the union of two individuals.

Distinctive expressions of any couple's union are reflected in our collection of engagement rings with side stones. Whether you are drawn to the grace of 3 stone engagement rings with side stones or the nostalgic vintage-inspired designs, our ethically sourced and joyfully crafted pieces offer a variety of options. The diversity in gemstone choices allows for your personalized touch and makes each ring a solid statement of your promise.

Engagement Rings with Sidestones FAQs

What are the side diamonds on a ring called?

They are called side stones or accent stones.

What is a side stone engagement ring?

A side stone engagement ring is a type of ring which features extra gemstones alongside the central stone or the band. These side stones are strategically set on either side of the main stone and their arrangement can be in various designs, such as pave settings, channel settings, or accent stones set on the band.

Do side stones make diamonds look bigger?

Yes, side stones can create an optical illusion that makes the central diamond look larger. The additional gemstones on the sides draw attention to the center stone and may also enhance its size and visual impact.

How big should side stones be on an engagement ring?

It’s up to your own personal preferences and the desired aesthetic. However, side stones are typically smaller than the central stone. This is because they are supposed to complement the main stone without overshadowing it.