Gold Birthstone Earrings

Explore the charm of gold birthstone earrings tailored for you with Eternate’s alluring collection! A whimsical and personal touch to express your style, or a meaningful and fun gift for loved ones. Wear your gold birthstone earrings alone as statement pieces or style them with other pieces of gold birthstone jewelry. As always, Eternate’s gold birthstone earrings are crafted for you with the highest ethical standards, using recycled gold and responsibly sourced stones, so you can simply enjoy.

Gold Birthstone Earrings FAQs

Can I wear birthstone earrings even if it's not my birthstone?

Yes, you can. While some like to stick to their own birthstones, others enjoy wearing birthstones of loved ones to keep them close metaphorically. You can also choose birthstones simply for their magnificent colors. Either way, choosing the perfect birthstone earrings comes down to a matter of the heart.

Can birthstone earrings be worn every day?

Yes. Eternate’s gold birthstone earrings can be worn everyday. Made with 14k solid gold, you can count on your birthstone earrings to withstand the test of time.

How do I care for gold birthstone earrings?

As pieces of solid gold jewelry, Eternate’s 14k gold birthstone earrings are durable and can be worn everyday provided they are periodically cared for. We recommend that you have your gold birthstone earrings cleaned by a professional every six months. Please refer to our guide to learn more about jewelry care.

How can I match birthstone earrings with other jewelry?

Styling gold birthstone earrings is easy and fun, as they can be worn on their own or paired with other pieces of gold birthstone jewelry. You can go about matching your birthstone earrings with other jewelry in several ways. For an elegant and classical look, keep it minimalistic with same colored golds and same birthstones. For something more eclectic and fun, try mixing pieces with different colored gold and multiple birthstones.

Can men wear gold birthstone earrings?

Of course! At Eternate, we believe that jewelry is for everyone. Our unique designs in gold birthstone earrings make sure that everyone can find that perfect piece for themselves. Our birthstone stud earrings are especially among men’s favorites.

Are gold birthstone earrings a good gift?

Gold birthstone earrings make a perfect gift for women and men alike. Meaningful and fun, birthstone earrings make personalized, thoughtful gifts, and moreover, you do not need to worry about guessing the right size!

Can gold birthstone earrings be customized?

Yes, you can customize your Eternate gold birthstone earrings. You can choose the color of gold (gold, rose or silver) and the birthstone you want. For further customizations, you can always reach out to us at