14k Gold Dome Huggie Earrings14k Gold Dome Huggie Earrings

14k Gold Dome Huggie Earrings

Yellow Gold
14k Gold Bold Croissant Hoops14k Gold, Yellow, White, Rose, 14k Yellow Gold Bold Croissant Earrings Hoops

14k Gold Bold Croissant Hoops

Yellow Gold
14k Gold Beaded Huggie Hoops14k Gold, Yellow, White, Rose, 14k Gold Beaded Huggie Hoops

14k Gold Beaded Huggie Hoops

Yellow Gold
14k Gold Olive Leaf Earrings14k Gold Olive Leaf Earrings

14k Gold Olive Leaf Earrings

Yellow Gold
14k Gold Petite Twist Earrings14k Gold Petite Twist Earrings

14k Gold Petite Twist Earrings

Yellow Gold
14k Gold Bold Dome Huggies14k Gold Bold Dome Huggies

14k Gold Bold Dome Huggies

Yellow Gold

Hoop It Up: Find Your Perfect Pair of Hoop Earrings

Eternate’s gold hoop earrings are crafted to be by your side, witnessing every joyful memory and becoming cherished companions along the way. From dainty, minimalist hoops that closely hug your earlobes to bold, diamond adorned designs that catch every eye, there's a pair for every style, mood and outfit. They will surely transition from day to night, from casual attires to fancy cocktail events, these huggie hoop earrings know how to adapt. It's time to find your perfect pair, the one that makes you feel confident, beautiful and undeniably you.

Gold Hoop Earrings FAQs

What are huggie hoop earrings?

Huggie hoop earrings are these adorable little hoops that are designed to hug your earlobe closely. They're small, close-fitting hoops. They're comfy to wear and versatile enough to go with just about any outfit and occasion.

How can I measure hoop earring size?

Measuring hoop earring size is easier than you might think. First, decide where you want the hoop to sit. Do you want huggies that fit close to your earlobe or hoops with a little space? Then, you can measure the drop with a ruler up to your ear with the 0 mm mark at your piercing hole. For huggies, you might want to add 0.50 mm to your drop measurement for a comfortable fit. For larger hoops, it's up to you.

How can I clean my gold hoop earrings?

Fill a bowl with warm water and add a mild dish soap. Let your hoops take a soak for 30 minutes. Gently brush the earrings with a soft toothbrush. Then, rinse the hoop earrings thoroughly under clean, warm water and pat them dry. For more information, you can check out our jewelry care guide.

Is it okay to wear hoop earrings everyday?

Absolutely! As they are super versatile, they go with anything, from casual outfits to fancy dresses. Gold is one of the most durable metals and your hoops can withstand daily wear and tear with ease. They're resistant to scratches and tarnish, so they'll keep their shine for years to come.