Finding your perfect wedding band among various styles will be easier with our guide on how to choose a wedding ring. In Eternate’s Wedding Ring Guide, you can learn about different finishes and metal types for the most meaningful jewelry of your life. This guide will also inspire you for custom designing your unique 10k, 14k and 18k gold jewelry. If you're wondering whether to choose rose gold, yellow gold or white gold or if you are stuck between milgrain edge or beveled edge, this is the right place for you!


The "finish" on a ring is the final look of the surface provided by the last treatment of the craftsmen. Each finish has a distinctive look and character that adds to your style. You can find different types of finishes we offer at Eternate down below.

Beware that gold is a soft metal and harder objects in daily use will lightly scratch it, so whichever finish you prefer, they will need repolishing. Some need polishing quicker than others.




Polished Gold Wedding Band

Polished finish rings have a shiny, reflective surface that catches the eye. The gold surface is smoothed out by polishing compounds and a fast-spinning brush. This type of finish is the most common among wedding bands and overall jewelry. Polished surfaces are soft to touch and more explicitly show scratches compared to matte-finished bands. However, you can always send them for an occasional touch-up that all types of finishes need over time.



Matte gold wedding ring, yellow gold

Matte brushed finish is smooth to touch and adds to the elegant aura of the gold. It reflects light in a softer manner compared to polished rings. This type of finish is created by brushing the gold surface in one direction with a fine-grit surface. This finish demands less maintenance than polished finishes due to its naturally dulled sheen.



hammered finish wedding band, gold wedding ring, matte finish, eternate

The Hammered finish has an elegant and unique look that preserves the natural sentiment of the gold. This type of finish is created by tapping around the evened-out gold surface with a polished hammer. After hammering the piece, it gets polished to the level of the wanted effect.



stardust finish wedding band, golden wedding ring, unique, whimsical, 14k, 18k, fine jewelry

The Stardust finish is whimsical, authentic, and textured. It has a slight sandy feel when touched with the tip of your fingers. This type of finish is created by marking the gold surface with a diamond tool tip that roughs it up and causes it to catch light in a unique way.



ice-matte finish wedding band, 14k gold wedding ring, 18k fine jewelry, elegant, simple, eternate, eternal love

Ice matte harbors sophistication and masculinity in its essence, presenting a timeless option. This type of finish is like a matte brushed finish, but brushing is done in various directions. It is one of the more durable finishes, standing up to everyday wear.


Dome: The Dome profile wedding band is a prevalent choice by both men and women, suitable in all sizes and widths. It means that your ring is curved (domed) both on the inside and outside, offering comfort-fit and a rounder look.

Flat: The flat profile wedding band at Eternate has a flat outer surface while having a curved (domed) inner surface, still maintaining comfort. It presents a contemporary style for both men and women.



Beveled Edge: A bevel brings depth and dimension to a traditional wedding band by shaping its edges at an angle rather than leaving them perpendicular. Beveled wedding bands include a curved inner surface maintaining their comfort fit as all of our rings do. You may choose different finishes or metals for beveled edges since customization options are endless at Eternate.

Milgrain edge: Milgrain is an edge type with little detailed touches along the ring's borders. It has long been a popular wedding ring style due to its unique details that can only be attained by excellent craftsmanship.

Round edge: The standard round edge is the rings with no details on their edges which is the most common edge with a soft, rounded look.



The widths of wedding bands are measured in 'millimeters (mm)'. At Eternate, most popular width options range from 2mm to 6mm. However, you can choose your ring in any width, and we will craft your piece according to your wish.
While selecting a width, you should try to find the best measure that will compliment your hand and finger size. There is no math to it; your style, preference, and visual taste are essential.
Women's most common width size ranges between 2-4, and for men, it is 5-8. The best way to decide on width is by using Eternate Home Try-On Service. However, before you order your Eternate Home Try-on Kit, you can visualize how thick a 2mm ring is with a 5-cent coin which has a thickness of 1.95mm. Moreover, you can see the multiples of two by stacking them up.

rose gold 14k 18k wedding rings, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm width wedding, different widths, fine jewelry band



Ring size is the diameter of the ring and, correlatively, your finger size. Thus an accurate size is essential for comfortable daily use. Your ring should neither slip out of your finger nor create discomfort due to small sizing. That's why Eternate precisely crafts your rings in quarter sizes and even up to eighth of a size.
If you don't know your ring size, then the best way to decide is through the home try-on service from Eternate, where you can try different sizes in person and use our complimentary ring sizer to determine the final fit for yourself.
Another method that can be done at home before ordering the home try-on kit includes a thread and a ruler. Wrap the thread around your finger according to your preferred comfort and measure the length of the thread with a ruler. The measurement will tell you your size. However, the precise measurement should be done with our ring sizer.
While ordering your kit, you can also keep in mind that the most common ring sizes for women are 6, 6.5, and 7, whereas for men, they are 10, 10.5, and 11.

size 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, gold wedding rings, wedding band size, measurement, ring sizer, home try on service, eternate, fine jewelry


At Eternate, we combine ancient iron forging methods with modern die-making methods to bring a non-porous, tensile metal property that increases the surface quality. All metals and alloys used in our process are purified and mixed to achieve their stunning color and shine. Our exclusive in-house knowledge brings exquisite and durable jewelry with the longest life, whichever metal you choose.

There are no rules about which metal to prefer in wedding bands nor about the color. It can be coherent with your engagement ring, or you can consider mixed metals if you like the look of different colors. What we offer in advance should not stop you, you may decide on any other metal, and we will customize your jewelry according to your wishes.

At Eternate, we use recycled gold and keep our promise to be environmentally responsible and purify them in our process to give our jewelry their long-lasting life.

Gold is a soft metal; therefore, it requires other metals to be added for strength and different complexions of colors. The number of gold content in the jewelry is referred to as 'karats'. Eternate offers three options of gold karats which are 18K, 14K, and 10k containing 75%, 58.5%, and 41.7% of gold respectively.


Yellow gold is a classic and timeless color for wedding rings but is never a dull choice; it never goes out of fashion.


The yellow gold and copper blend appears in a rosy pink complexion and creates a soft, romantic aura on the jewelry.


The blend of yellow gold with zinc, nickel, and other metals appears in a white-silver complexion and evokes a noble, luminous tone on jewelry.

Other options may be:


Platinum is a luxurious choice since it is rarer than other precious metals. It appears naturally white and is a very durable metal, perfect for pieces that require strength, such as stone set rings.


Palladium comes from the same family as platinum and offers a natural white finish as well. However, palladium is much lighter and more affordable compared to its relative platinum. An elegant and modern choice that you may want to consider.