Heart Shape Citrine RingHeart Shape Citrine Ring

Heart Shape Citrine Ring

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November Radiance: Citrine Jewelry Collection

Citrine, a variety of quartz, derives its name from the French word "citron", meaning lemon, due to its warm, golden-yellow shades. Historically, citrine has been linked to positive energy and prosperity and believed to carry the power of the sun. The stone was admired even during ancient times and associated with clarity of thought, warmth and joy. Ever since, it has been recognized and appreciated as the November birthstone.

Eternate’s citrine jewelry collection incorporates this renowned gemstone into jewelry, combining it with appealing settings and designs, so you can carry the warmth of the sun with you wherever you go. Citrine birthstones within this collection were hand-picked and set in various elegant pieces, whether it be a citrine ring, necklace, bracelet, or a pair of earrings. With each piece, you will adorn yourself with nature's golden aura.

Citrine Jewelry FAQs

Which is the birth month for citrine?

Citrine is the birthstone for November.

What does citrine stone mean?

Citrine is a gemstone which is usually associated with success, prosperity, and creativity. Many people wear it believing that it also promotes good fortune, confidence and a positive outlook on life. In addition to all these attributes, as the November birthstone, citrine makes a meaningful and personalized gemstone jewelry for individuals born in that month.

What are citrine stone benefits?

Many positive attributes have been ascribed to citrine depending on culture, beliefs and personal meanings. It is usually believed to offer positive energy, abundance, success and mental clarity to the wearer. Some claim that it can also bring about clear thinking and focus, while others may attribute protective properties to citrine, claiming that it can ward off negative energies. Moreover, it is thought to be good for the digestive system and metabolism.

Who should not wear the citrine gemstone?

Individuals with allergies to quartz or crystals and those who are highly energetically sensitive are advised to be careful with their use of citrine. Other than that, it depends solely on individual circumstances and preferences.