Cushion Cut Dreamscapes: Explore Infinite Sparkle

Cushion cut is a distinctive diamond shape that’s known for its balanced proportions, softened corners and curved edges. Within a cushion engagement ring, the balance of these angles and curves makes the appeal of the center stone stand out even more.

Our collection of cushion cut engagement rings includes handmade pieces available in various colors, metals and band designs. Whether nestled in a knife-edge band or twisted band, set as a solitaire, secured within a bezel setting, or encircled by a halo, each piece allows the pure beauty of the gemstone to take center stage.

At Eternate, we prioritize ethical practices and affordability without compromising on lifelong quality. Our collection of cushion cut engagement rings, too, offers opulent design options with accessible prices.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings FAQs

What is a cushion cut diamond ring setting?

A cushion cut ring setting refers to a style of engagement ring where the featured diamond is cut in a square or rectangular shape with rounded corners, which resembles a pillow or cushion as its name suggests. Rings with this cut in a rectangular shape are sometimes referred to as elongated cushion cut engagement rings.

What band looks best on a cushion cut?

It depends on personal style and preferences. Classic options such as a cushion solitaire engagement ring can highlight the featured stone’s sparkle, while complex designs like pave-set or halo bands add extra dazzle and detail. Some may prefer a cushion cut engagement ring with a knife-edge band for a clean and modern look, while others may like vintage-inspired settings like twisted bands.

Which is better, cushion or round cut?

The choice between a cushion cut and a round cut diamond depends on individual preferences. Round cut diamonds have a classic circular shape with precise facets. Cushion cut diamonds, on the other hand, feature a rectangular shape with rounded corners and provide a more vintage-like aesthetic due to larger, chunkier facets. For more information on engagement rings and showcased cut types, you can check out our Engagement Ring Guide.