Oval Engagement Rings

Discover the elegance of oval engagement rings! A brilliant and modern take on the round-cut, oval cut engagement rings preserve the same brilliance and fire in a more distinctive shape. The oval cut moissanite and diamonds are unique because they vary in proportion. Whether longer and thinner, or shorter and wider, one thing is for certain, the elongated shape of the oval cut is very flattering on any finger.

In our rich collection of engagement rings, the timeless shape of the oval cut engagement ring is admittedly one that lends itself most easily to romantic and vintage styles. However, as a modern twist on the round cut, the oval cut easily matches any color of gold and is equally suitable for more contemporary designs. A perfect statement piece for those looking for timeless beauty and brilliance!

Oval Engagement Rings FAQs

Do oval cut engagement rings look bigger than round cut engagement rings?

Shiny and attractive oval engagement rings tend to look bigger on the finger than their equal carat weight, round cut counterparts because of their elongated shapes. You can check our engagement ring guide to learn more about how different diamond shapes compare.

Do all oval cut diamonds have the exact same shape?

The short answer is no. Oval cut moissanites and diamonds will inevitably vary in their ratio of length to width, meaning the shape will differ from one stone to the next. While some are longer and thinner, others can be shorter and wider. If you would like a rounder looking stone, you can go for a 1.2 ratio. On the contrary, if you would like a more elongated stone go for a ratio of 1.5.

Can I stack other rings with an oval engagement ring?

Yes. Oval cut engagement rings from Eternate can be stacked with other rings such as wedding bands to make a nice bridal set. You can opt for a dainty, minimalist gold band to let your oval engagement ring shine. Alternatively you can go for a curved band that wraps around the stone or a channel or pave setting that complements the shine of your oval cut stone.

What style does an oval engagement ring go well with?

Oval engagement rings are often associated with vintage and romantic styles. That being said, the oval cut is a modern take on the classic round cut. Therefore, it is much sought after by both vintage lovers and modern brides alike. You can also reflect your style with oval engagement rings.