Love Stories Through Decades: Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings embody a sense of heritage and carry stories from the past. Each era manifests itself through the setting, gemstone cuts and the metals used. For instance, Victorian details tell tales of romantic symbolism while vintage Art Deco engagement rings with their bold geometry reflect the fearless spirit of a changing world.

Through elaborate settings and detailing that reflect the artistry of a bygone era, our vintage inspired engagement rings serve as modern, tangible links to the past. At Eternate, we design distinctive pieces that will allow you to carry these stories with joy, while adding a touch of nostalgic romance to your story together.

Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings FAQs

What is considered a vintage engagement ring?

A vintage engagement ring is typically defined as a piece of old jewelry that is potentially passed down through generations within a family. These rings showcase design elements and craftsmanship that reflect specific historical eras. Unlike contemporary mass-produced designs, vintage rings are often one-of-a-kind or part of a limited collection. Vintage inspired rings, on the other hand, are modern rings that are created by taking inspiration from design elements of past eras. However, they offer vintage aesthetics without the actual age.

Why should I buy vintage engagement rings?

Vintage style rings hold significance in the context of heirlooms and the passage of time. When chosen as an engagement ring, they offer sustainable sparkle and become cherished inheritances. For individuals who appreciate the aesthetics of a bygone era but also enjoy the advantages of modern craftsmanship and materials, our vintage inspired engagement rings offer both.

Are vintage engagement rings ethical?

Indeed, they align with ethical sourcing values as they involve recycling existing jewelry. This way, they contribute to sustainability by reducing the demand for new mining. With moissanite and lab-diamond options, our vintage inspired engagement rings allow you to make environmentally responsible choices when it comes to jewelry.