Gold Birthstone Necklaces

Eternate’s enchanting collection of gold birthstone necklaces make the perfect personalized gift to celebrate you or a loved one. All available in gold, rose, and silver, our 14k gold birthstone necklaces are highly customizable. Choose your birthstone or the birthstones of loved ones you want, put them in order and decide how long you want the chain to be. Or go for a name necklace or an initial necklace to make your gift extra personal.

Gold Birthstone Necklaces FAQs

Can I choose the order of birthstones on my necklace?

Yes, you can. Our necklaces are highly customizable so you can decide on how many birthstones you want and in which order. Some of our customers like to line the stones up in chronological order, while others mix and match colors to their unique taste.

Can I choose the length of my necklace?

Of course. By default, we offer our customers a choice between 14 to 20 inches of length. However, if you want something different, you can always contact us at to further customize the length of your necklace.

What is the difference between gold and gold vermeil birthstone jewelry?

Gold vermeil jewelry is made by gilding a thick layer of real gold around silver. Therefore, our pieces of gold vermeil birthstone jewelry make a more affordable option compared to our solid gold birthstone jewelry. However, both make a great personal gift that is both durable and stylish.