Jewelry Gift Guide

Gift-giving is one of the best ways to spread love, show gratitude, and pass positive vibrations. We believe that gift-giving is an art! Reading the person, taking in the clues of their style and personality, choosing the perfect one, and the feeling when they finally receive it is the art of life. This art is based on a single determinant: our loved one, and with a little help from us, you’ll ace this! Whether it is a holiday, congratulation, or simply from the heart, with Eternate’s gift guides based on styles, zodiac signs, and personality types, you can find the inspiration and relevant recommendations to choose the perfect gift easily.


If your loved one advocates less is more, then Tiny Heart Diamond Bracelet is just for them. Three dainty round diamonds sitting gently in a heart will satisfy the need for simple yet impressive jewelry, which is what people of this style desire! Minimalism does not mean that it is detailless. You can find the needed twist in simplicity with the Diamond Evil Eye Bracelet. It is versatile, modern, and tastefully simple. One other thing people with Minimalist style would like to have in a jewelry piece is that it will go with everything while still containing a statement aspect, and Zodiac Signet Ring does that flawlessly. It is customized for each zodiac sign making it the perfect personal gift for a loved one or yourself.


Are they into delicate little details and attributing meaning to jewelry? Romantic style is subjective, personal, and emotional; it looks for a story everywhere and finds the story. At Eternate, we also believe that every piece of jewelry tells a story. The Cluster Diamond Necklace speaks about how stars are aligned and united to bring prosperity to our lives. That feeling of everything is working in your favor! For our romantics, the Mini Diamond Clover Bracelet can be another option which is symbolizing elegance with the healthy boundaries of the personality. The romantic style will also look for mystical details that a Bezel and ball diamond ring embodies with its pattern. It feels like the ring has a beautiful secret to tell that makes you stare at it until you find it!

Elegant Chic

Always polished, the elegant chic style combines classics with worthy details that make a statement. The Evil Eye Diamond pendant is the physical form of this style with its bejeweled eye detail and forty-two round diamonds that crown it. This necklace especially stands out when stacked with other necklaces though it is highly influential on its own too. Diamond Circle Studs and Minimalist Round Diamond Bracelet make their way to being elegant chic by featuring the ultimate shape that influenced humanity, the circle, with brilliant diamonds. The simplicity of the circle meets with sparkly diamonds and embodies the integral mystery of this style.

Glitter and Glamour

The glitter and Glamor style is exciting, extra, and elevated. If your person never tones it down and embraces the glamor in themselves, then you are in the right section. Milgrain Diamond Huggies, Criss Cross Diamond Ring, and Diamond Clover Bracelet flawlessly serve the essential glitter in ‘glitter and glamor’ with their brilliant diamond stones and present the perfect gift for your loved one. Attention-grabbing milgrain edges give an ‘extra’ flavor to the unique Diamond Huggies, while twenty-nine round diamond makes Criss Cross Ring dashing. Another recommendation for glitter and glamor lovers is the Clover Bracelet. It elevates looks with its attributions to a prosperous and lucky lifestyle.


This one is about the energies, definitely not genders! The feminine style is composed of circular lines, soft edges, and robust designs. Flower Bypass Diamond Ring embodies a lenient aura with its features, presenting a unique option for a daily ring. Diamond Lotus Bracelet symbolizes strength and resilience as the lotus in nature rises from mud and mesmerizes its viewers. Another option for this style is Floral Diamond Studs, which embrace an essential duality. A flower figure traditionally attributed to women for being ‘delicate’ actually composes a daring design with a diamond that is the hardest mineral on Earth. It redefines the ‘feminine’ and makes the perfect gift for this group.


The masculine style embodies straight lines and angular details and conveys confident elegance regardless of gender. Bold Snake Ring, Infinity Huggie Earrings, and the Open T Ring have the characteristic of being single-handedly fulfilling on an outfit. Pointy geometrical details on the snake ring will draw the attention as a statement piece should, while the Open T Ring will be the exquisite detail on the outfit; it is simpler though never becomes obscure. Another suggestion for this style will be the Infinity Huggies. They complement every outfit from comfort to business, sports to chic, as a simple gold Huggies does, but Infinity Huggies do it better. These laid-back designs will be the favorite piece of your loved ones who prefer masculine lines and vibrations.


Does your person love the ‘oldies but goldies’? This section is for you if your loved one is wearing retro shirts, vintage eyewear, and accessories. Don’t go and think, ‘she needs something new’; no, she needs more vintage! Birthstone Signet Ring is the ultimate gift with its customization options of birthstones, as every piece at Eternate does! Pave Diamond Croissant Ring, and Bold Croissant Hoops will be the favorite piece of a vintage lover since this design is a classic. They are gold, bold and strong.