Jewelry Engraving

At Eternate, we craft jewelry to make a mark in time. Each piece encapsulates a fleeting moment to forever bring you back to that feeling of joy. That’s why we do not offer off-the-shelf, mass made jewelry. We craft each piece just for you and tailor each to your taste, style, fingers and story for truly unique and personalized jewelry. Our complimentary jewelry engraving service is the cherry on top that makes a piece truly yours and tells your story for years to come.

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Engraving in jewelry means etching a design, word or numbers onto your piece. Our customers often ask for the engraving of significant dates, such as a wedding date or anniversary, names of loved ones or meaningful images, like a love heart or an eternity symbol. At Eternate, we prefer laser engraving to offer you the best quality. Laser engraving allows us to be able work on smaller scales and ensures precision in the engraving. We offer complimentary engraving as a default option with our wedding bands, engagement rings, signet rings, and some of our name necklaces and name bracelets. For other pieces that you would like to be engraved, please reach us at and we will be happy to make it happen for you. Just be reminded that some pieces, like eternity rings, might not be suitable for engraving as they lack enough flat surface to be engraved.

Fonts, Alphabets and Icons Available for Engraving

Although Snell BT, Times New Roman, Helvetica, Monotype Corsiva, New York, Garamond are the six fonts that are most popular among our customers, we also offer other fonts. Make sure to specify your choice.

A chart showing the fonts that can be used for engraving.
Engraved ring Engraved ring

Alongside Latin script, we also work with Korean, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese and Chinese alphabets.

Here are a few icons that are customer favorites. For anything else, contact us at and we will do our best to provide it for you.

A chart showing the signs and icons that can be used for engraving.
Engraved ring Engraved ring

Jewelry Engraving FAQs:

How do jewelers engrave rings?

There are two methods that jewelers can use for engraving jewelry: hand engraving and laser engraving. Each method has its own unique qualities and is suited for different situations. At Eternate, we use laser engraving to create beautiful and personalized rings.

Can any jewelry be engraved?

While most jewelry can be engraved, there are some limitations to what is possible. Engraving requires a flat surface that is big enough to work on. Therefore, smaller pieces or pieces with limited flat surfaces such as eternity bands, might not be suitable for a detailed engraving.

Is laser or hand engraving better?

There's no definitive answer to whether laser or hand engraving is better, as the choice depends entirely on your priorities and the specific piece you're looking to personalize. That being said, laser engraving ensures more precision and allows us to work on a smaller scale.

Can a gold ring be engraved?

Absolutely! Gold rings are excellent candidates of engravable jewelry due to their desirable qualities. Just be reminded that thicker gold bands offer more surface area and provide better stability for deeper engravings. Especially gold signet rings and gold wedding rings with a width of 3mm or higher are perfect for engraving.

What is the difference between etching and engraving jewelry?

While both engraving and etching personalize jewelry, their methods and results differ significantly. Engraving physically removes metal for crisp, raised designs, offering durability but limited color options. Etching is a chemical process that creates a subtle, frosted effect with less depth. Etching will potentially allow for color accents, but at the expense of durability.

Can you engrave a ring after it's made?

In most cases, yes, you can definitely engrave a ring after it's already been made! However, soft materials like pearls or certain gemstones might not be suitable for engraving without damage.

What rings cannot be engraved?

While most rings can be engraved to some degree, there are a few exceptions and limitations. Engraving soft or fragile materials can easily damage the piece. Rings with very thin bands may not have enough surface area for detailed engraving. Deeply textured or uneven surfaces may make precise engraving difficult or impossible.