Bold Style, Green Legacy: Men's Bracelets Crafted to Last

Each one more stylish than the other, we crafted Eternate’s men’s bracelets for you to express your true self and style. At Eternate, we pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability and only use 100% recycled gold. Responsibly crafted and built to last, our bracelets for men are ready to become your companions for every step of life. So, with each piece, you can confidently state your style and your values. We believe true confidence isn't loud, it's self-assured and built to last, just like these bracelets.

Men’s Bracelets FAQs

What kind of bracelets do guys wear?

Bracelets that reflect their individuality are all time favorites. Therefore, it’s more about matching one’s style. Some of the most popular options include chain and leather bracelets. However, beaded bracelets and mens engraved bracelets are also in high demand these days.

How can I choose men's jewelry?

To begin with, choose pieces that complement your usual clothing and overall vibe so that you can express yourself through it. However, do not refrain from trying new things to find your style. For instance, subtle accessories such as minimalist rings or stylish cufflinks can make for a refined look. Alternatively, add a necklace for a more dynamic and layered look. Experiment with different lengths and textures to find the perfect balance between comfort and self-expression.

How can I measure my wrist for a bracelet?

Measuring your wrist for a bracelet is easy. Grab a soft tape measure or a string and wrap it tightly but comfortably around your wrist bone. Mark the spot where it overlaps and measure the distance. Add a bit extra for your desired fit. Now you're all set to find the perfect bracelet!