14k Gold Compass Necklace14k Gold Compass Necklace

14k Gold Compass Necklace

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Unbound Expression: Men's Necklaces

Eternate’s men's necklaces collection is all about expressing yourself with confidence and purpose. Whether you're drawn to the raw power of a bold chain, the vibrant pop of enamel pendants for men, or the individuality of an initial necklace, you'll find a piece that is meant just for you.

And the best part? You can feel good about looking good. We craft our men’s gold necklaces with 100% recycled gold and thus minimize our environmental impact without compromising on quality and endurance, not even a little bit. It's a conscious choice on our part that reflects our commitment to sustainability, conflict-free materials and ethical sourcing throughout our entire collections. Because true strength lies not just in muscles, but in choices that make a difference.

Men’s Necklaces FAQs

How long should a men's necklace be?

It depends. The most common choice is about 20 inches which makes the necklace rest right at the collarbone. For pendants it could be slightly longer, maybe 22-25 inches, which lets the pendant rest mid-chest. However, choose what feels comfortable for you and reflects your style!

What type of chain is best for a man?

There's no single 'best' chain for men because it depends on your personal style and taste. However, some popular options include Cuban, rolo, box, rope and figaro chain, each having its own distinctive aesthetic. Most importantly, choose the one that makes you feel confident and special.

How to wear a men’s necklace?

To begin with, choose a length that suits your style and the occasion. Wear your necklace alone or stack it up, and complement it with a bracelet for a trendy vibe. Whichever is your choice, you are free to add your own interpretation and wear it with confidence. The best accessory of all is the one that reflects your style and individuality.