Symbolic Asymmetry: Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

The pear cut has a teardrop shape that resembles a droplet of water. With this appearance, it embraces a gentle asymmetry unlike other symmetrical cuts. The rounded end smoothly transitions into the curved section leading to the point, which is traditionally believed to point directly to the heart. The precise proportions of these features give rise to a distinctive shape and make it an ideal choice for those who prefer nontraditional and unique engagement rings.

This symbolism meets the attributed significance of the engagement within our pear shaped engagement ring collection, where each ring becomes a tangible reminder of your joyful companionship. With our pear shaped moissanite engagement rings along with lab-diamond options, we offer a selection that harmoniously combines ethical sourcing and skillful craftsmanship.

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings FAQs

What do pear cut engagement rings mean?

They are said to have a subtle symbolism. According to this symbolism, the wider end represents the abundance of love shared while the sharp end reflects the point that binds two souls. Moreover, in some cultures, this teardrop form is associated with new beginnings.

How can I wear pear shaped engagement rings?

You may perhaps consider wearing your pear shaped diamond engagement ring alone if you wish its shape to take center stage. However, you may also pair it with our complementary bands such as wedding bands or stackable wedding rings. A curved wedding band, for instance, matches very well with the shape of the pear.

Why do people like pear shaped diamonds?

People are usually drawn to pear shaped diamonds for their distinctive aesthetic look. However, there is perhaps more to it. One of the advantages of a pear shaped engagement ring is that the elongated shape makes the center stone look larger. Besides, they can also blend well with many other styles such as vintage, modern, and classic looks.