At Eternate, we believe that jewelry is about memories.

We strive to produce the longest-living jewelry with the dream of accompanying your happiest moments with Eternate pieces. Manufacturing jewelry has never been only for the sake of fast fashion. Instead, Eternate pieces are made to be the token of your most enjoyable journey. We want you to see your solid gold jewelry as a companion which can be worn anywhere and everywhere with the peace of mind that will be gifted through generations with the memories they hold—always being the reminder of everlasting love between couples, families, and friends.

Today, we pride ourselves on being a brand that takes inspiration from shared love. We make every piece of jewelry at Eternate custom for each order and offer a high range of customization options because we know that each piece is a gift either to yourself or your loved ones. Our founders’ exclusive knowledge combines time-honored forging techniques with innovative approaches of recent technology, and it meets with the competence of Eternate’s in-house artisans to create the modern heirloom jewelry you are looking for.

After sixty years of producing exceptional gold jewelry for exclusive brands and meeting our customers through barriers of intermediaries, we, as Eternate, are delighted to be in direct connection with you. We go above and beyond to ensure that your jewelry reflects your values and guarantee that we are committed to our promise of being a socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible company. We use recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds in our designs, ensuring you get the reliable, worry-free experience you deserve.