Quality Gold Vermeil Birthstone Earrings

Looking for a budget friendly personal style moment? Eternate’s charming collection of gold vermeil birthstone earrings brings great design, durability and affordability together. Discover the allure of personalized gold vermeil birthstone earrings to add a distinctive and fun touch to your look. Stylish, meaningful and durable, these thickly gold plated earrings also make a great gift for loved ones that they can wear on repeat. Simply customize the design you love with your or your loved ones’ birthstones and we will craft your bespoke birthstone earrings with the highest ethical standards.

Gold Vermeil Birthstone Earrings FAQs:

How do I care for my gold vermeil birthstone earrings?

Your gold vermeil birthstone earrings can last years of everyday use, but with proper care. To elongate your gold vermeil earrings’ lifespan, avoid contact with chemicals and take them off when engaging in contact sports, sleeping and showering. If ever your gold vermeil earrings get tarnished, do not worry. Gold vermeil is easy to be polished and can be restored to its original state.

Can I wear my gold vermeil birthstone earrings every day?

Yes. You can wear your Eternate gold vermeil birthstone earrings every day. Gold vermeil has a thick outer layer of gold, made to withstand the test of time.

Can I shower with gold vermeil birthstone earrings?

Like all gold vermeil birthstone jewelry, it is best to keep your vermeil earrings out of water and dry as much as possible. Over time, with exposure, water can potentially tarnish the thick outer layer of gold.

Are gold birthstone earrings a good gift?

Gifting gold vermeil birthstone earrings is a great option as gold vermeil earrings make a perfect gift for women and men alike. Simply choose their birthstone for a thoughtful, meaningful and personalized gift!