Sneaky Ways to Learn Their Ring Size

So you are going to pop the question soon? Or maybe planning a surprise for someone you love? We understand that it can feel like a daunting task to find out your loved one’s ring size without them knowing. This is, in fact, one of the questions we get asked the most. So how are you going to measure their ring size for a surprise proposal? Do not worry, Eternate team has the answers for you!

We have come up with 14 different ways of measuring your partner’s ring size. If you have access to a ring that they already own, you might find that items 1 through 7 do wonders for you. If not, no worries! Just skip ahead to number 8 and learn about even sneakier ways of secretly finding out your partner’s ring size.

1. Borrow a ring

The easiest option is to get your hands on a ring of theirs. If you can borrow a ring without them noticing for a day, you can take it to a jeweler to have it sized. Or even better, you can use Eternate’s free ring size guide to find out accurately what their ring size is. All you have to do is place the ring on the guide to find the matching size. Just remember to make sure the ring you borrow is one that she wears on the same finger! Our dominant hands tend to be slightly bigger.

Borrow a ring

2. Use some soap

If you do not want to risk them noticing their ring is gone, you can make the most of your time by acting quick. One easy method is to have a soap bar with you and to gently press their ring onto the soap until it leaves a trace. Now you have the perfect shape right in front of you and you can take measurements of the diameter later. Just do not forget to check the ring for any soap residue to avoid getting caught.

Get your pen and paper out

3. Get your pen and paper out

Another quick solution that does not require you to actually borrow the ring is tracing the outline of the ring with a fine pen. Just place the ring on a piece of paper and trace a circle on the inside and the outside of it. Go over your traces multiple times to get a consistent circle. To get an accurate measurement, it is very important that you use a fine pen, so that the line you draw is as thin as possible and the ink does not disperse.

4. Have a candle with you

No, we are not setting the mood for a romantic proposal just yet. The conical shaped candle, gradually getting thicker, resembles the shape of a finger. Just slide the ring on the candle and mark where the ring stops.You can measure that circumference later at your convenience. Again, to avoid suspicion, remember to check the ring for any wax residue before placing it back.

5. Put the ring on your finger

The chances are their ring won’t fit your finger, but it is fine. We are not looking for a perfect fit here, but a point where the ring stops sliding down. When the ring comes to its natural stop trace it around your finger. You can later measure your own finger at the traced point. It might be a good idea to cover the trace with a band-aid to avoid them seeing the mark though.

Put the ring on your finger

6. Check the inside

Admittedly, this is a long shot. But it is worth spying around. Put your goggles on or have a magnifying glass by your side. Turn the ring around and check the inside for a print. Some jewelers will have engraved the size of the ring there. Was it a wild goose chase or did you find what you were looking for? If only everyone could be so lucky!

7. Take a photo

If none of the above worked for you, we might have one more trick up our sleeves. Do you have a ruler? Just lay the ruler down and align the ring right next to it. Focus the camera on your phone so you have a crisp image with visible numbers. Take the snap. Put the ring back, email the photo to yourself and delete it in your photo album to avoid getting busted. You can do the measurement later when you are alone.

Enlist a friend or family member

8. Enlist a friend or family member

So what happens if you don’t have access to a ring of theirs at all? Not to worry, there are many who are in your position. The first option that comes to mind is to enlist a friend or a family member as your accomplice. This person can ask your partner to tag along one day for window shopping or ask for their opinion for a piece that they are supposedly buying for themselves. This way not only will you get a chance to find out their ring size but also to hear more about their preferences and likes about rings. If shopping for rings does not work, your accomplice can ask your partner to hold on to the ring, or even better put it on, so it doesn’t get lost while they are washing their hands or doing a chore around the house. With some luck, the ring will fit. If not, the accomplice can find out if it was too tight or too loose, giving you a ballpark size range to work with.

9. Ask for their help

If you don’t want to involve others for fear of them blurting out the surprise, one idea can be to ask your partner for advice for a gift. Pretend that you are thinking of buying a ring for your mom, sister, friend, etc., for their birthday and ask your partner to come help you choose. This way, they can put many rings on their finger to try out and you can get a pretty good idea about their finger size. Bonus points if you go through with the purchase and actually gift the ring to the person you two have shopped for.

Ask for their help
Do some arts and crafts

10. Do some arts and crafts

Do you have any kids in the family? This can be a great way to involve them in your story. Kids love doing crafts and oftentimes will make bracelets, necklaces or rings to gift loved ones on their own accord. Next time you are visiting the little accomplice, bring crafts materials with you including pipe cleaners, strings and beads. With older kids, you can speak beforehand and ask them to make rings for everybody in the house, measuring your partner’s ring size in the meantime. Younger kids will tend to blurt out the surprise, so with them the best tactic would be to keep them in the dark and just work together to make several pieces of jewelry for everyone, including rings. This way, in helping your young friend make the ring, you might even get to measure your partner’s finger yourself without them suspecting for a second!

11. Compare and contrast

Desperate times? Desperate measures. This may not be the most accurate method out there, but at least it will give you some idea about the range of your partner’s ring size. What you need to do is simple. Either hold their hand in yours or put your hand over theirs and look intently to find a finger of yours that looks more or less the same width as their ring finger. If your hands are bigger, this is likely to be your pinky. If yours are smaller, go ahead and compare their finger with your middle and index fingers.

Compare and contrast
Measure their finger while they are asleep

12. Measure their finger while they are asleep

Of course the best way to learn someone’s ring size is to measure their finger. But since this needs to be a surprise the only time you can actually physically do this measurement is when they are sleeping. But this method is not one for the faint of heart: to attempt it you must be brave as a lion and silent as a mouse.

All joking aside, here are some practical tips that can help you if this is the course you choose:

  • Make sure your partner is in deep sleep before attempting the measurement.
  • Use a string to wrap around their finger. Paper, unlike the soft string, will be hard to touch and more likely to wake them up.
  • Choose a string that does not stand out in color or texture. So that if your partner wakes up by accident you can easily throw it on the floor to hide it.
  • Make sure your hands are not cold or wet to avoid waking them up.
  • Don’t go directly for the measurement. Place their hand at a comfortable position for you to measure first. This will give you a chance to test the waters to see if they are really in deep sleep and make it easier for you to wrap the string around later.
  • Have an excuse ready in case you wake them up. Something like ‘you were talking in your sleep, I wanted to make sure you were OK,’ can explain why you were holding their hand.

13. Make an educated guess

If none of the above options is available for you, then it might be the time to make an educated guess about their ring size. So here are some figures for you to start with: While ring sizes for women usually range from 3 to 9, most common sizes for women are between 5 to 7. The most purchased size for women’s rings at Eternate is size 6. For men the ring size range is between 6 to 13, with most common men’s rings sizes being between size 8 to 11. The most purchased size for men’s rings at Eternate is size 10. You can make an estimate based on these numbers and your partner’s build.

Make an educated guess

14. Just ask

Of course, you can always be upfront and simply ask your partner. This way, you can learn both their ring size and their taste in rings. Don’t worry about ruining the surprise. The time, the place, the how and all, if any, of the people involved in the proposal will still be a surprise that is waiting to become a cherished memory you and your partner will keep and remember with joy for a lifetime.

A few tips to keep in mind

A few tips to keep in mind

  • Engagement rings are traditionally worn on the ring finger, the finger between the middle finger and the pinkie, of the left hand.
  • Our hands are not the same size; the fingers of the dominant hand tend to be larger.
  • If you are in between sizes or do not have an exact measurement, go for the larger size so the ring can slide over your partner’s finger. You can always have it resized later.
  • Consider the width of the ring you are planning to purchase. If it is wide, go for a 0,5 larger size, as wider bands will have a tighter fit.