Wedding Band Home Try-on Service

Refundable Deposit

1. Pick up to 5 rings to try at home in any style, size, and color.

2. Get your replica rings within a week. The replicas will have the same look and finish as the actual rings but will be made of brass.

3. Pick the ring you like. Try the rings at home and consult with family and friends. As long as you'd like. No need to send them back at all!

4. Find your ring size with the free ring sizer that comes with the Home Try-on Kit.

5. Order your custom ring with the style, size, and color you like. Get a free custom engraving inside your ring if you’d like.

6. Get your refund after you order your ring.
If you already know your finger size, order the samples in this range so you can test the comfort of each style better. All Eternate rings are comfort fit, but a more accurate size will make them even more comfortable. If you don’t know your ring size, don’t worry; the kit comes with a complimentary ring sizer so you can determine the best fit.

Style represents not only the form of the band (flat, dome, beveled edge) but also the surface finishing on the band. Although the most popular finish is the classic Polished option, each finish has a unique statement.

Width affects the looks and the comfort. If you have decided on a couple of styles, you can pick different widths of the same style to test and see which width feels better.

Try out different colors to see how they match your style. If you want to stack your wedding ring with your engagement ring, you can pick matching colors. The replicas have the same color as the actual rings for all three colors.

All Home Try-on Kits are made uniquely for you. So if you need further customization, feel free to contact us through chat or email us at
You don’t need to ship back the Home Try-on Kit. Keep it at home to help out other friends and family and to utilize the free ring sizer in the future. Once you make an order for your ring, the processing fee for the kit will be refunded to you.
What’s inside the kit?
The kit includes 5 replica rings, a free ring sizer, and a selection guide.

What are the replicas made of?
The replicas are made of brass with silver and gold plating.

How do I pick the right size?
The ring should slip through your finger easily and as you are pulling off there should be a little resistance at your knuckle. If you feel you are between half sizes, you can order quarter sizes as well.

How long will it take to receive the kit?
The replicas are custom made for your order and will be shipped in 2-3 days. You should expect to receive the kit in a week. If you are in a rush, contact us to accelerate the process.

Can you ship outside of the U.S.?
We ship to all countries with DHL Express Worldwide at no additional cost.

How do I get a refund?
After ordering your actual ring, you will get a refund for the Home Try-on Kit fee.

How do I order the kit after completing the selection?
You should click add to cart or checkout and proceed like a regular purchase. All the selection info for the rings you’ve picked will appear in the order summary.

Can I order more than 5 rings?
You can purchase the home try-on kit twice and make 5 different selections each time. This way you will receive a kit with 10 rings and a ring sizer.

How many kits can I order at once?
There is no limitation on the number of kits you order. You can order as many as you wish. However, note that we can refund one kit per one ring.

How can I order matching bands for myself and my significant other?
You can make your selection for matching bands with different sizes. You can also contact us through the chat icon in the bottom right corner or email us for special requests.

Will the ring sizer work properly?
Unlike other ring sizes with a flat ruler, our ring sizer has a ring circle for each size. As a result, the success rate of our ring sizer is very high. That being said, you can exchange your actual ring for a different size later if you picked the wrong size.

How do I get a custom engraving inside my ring?
When you are ordering your actual gold wedding ring, you will be asked for a free custom engraving to be put inside your ring. Custom engravings are not put inside the replicas.

Please note that rings ordered after the home try-on service are considered final order unless there is a production defect or mistake on our end.
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