Forever Brilliant: Eternate's Round Lab Diamonds

With its perfectly round, classy and versatile shape along with the artful interplay of countless facets, it’s no wonder round cut has captivated hearts for centuries and is still in high demand. Eternate brings together this classic and always en vogue cut with innovative alternatives through lab grown diamond round engagement rings.

Nestled within a solitaire, channel, halo or three stone setting, the dazzling lab-grown diamonds offer the same quality and brilliance of a natural diamond, all at a more modest budget. Choose your dream round engagement ring and our skilled craftsmen will dedicate their expertise to bringing it to life.

Round Cut Lab Diamond Engagement Rings FAQs

What setting makes a round diamond look bigger?

Cluster setting with additional diamonds grouped together or a halo setting with smaller stones encircling the center stone makes a round diamond appear larger. Additionally, a setting with a thin band can also make the round diamond stand out even more.

Is round a good cut for a diamond?

Yes, the round cut is widely known as one of the best cuts for a diamond and this is definitely not without reason. The round cut maximizes the diamond's ability to reflect light and has exceptional brightness and scintillation. Moreover, it is a classic that can adapt to any style and any jewelry you can think of.

How many facets does a round diamond have?

Round cut diamonds have the largest number of facets and thus they create the most sparkle of all. Most round diamonds have 58 facets, while some might have 57.

Can a jeweler spot a lab-grown diamond?

If they have specialized equipment and expertise, yes. As lab-grown diamonds become more and more prevalent in the market, jewelers, too, become increasingly equipped to tell them apart accurately. For more information about lab grown diamonds, check out our lab-grown vs. natural diamonds guide.