Radiant Reflections: Marquise Cut Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

We can't wait to be a part of your special moment and crown your happily ever after with a ring that's as beautiful and meaningful as your love. Celebrate this big moment with Eternate’s lab-grown marquise engagement rings collection, with each ring featuring the appealing marquise cut. This cut flatters your finger and makes your chosen stone the star of the show. It truly stands out in the world of diamonds with its characteristic boat-like shape and pointed ends. From minimalist halos to vintage-inspired details, our marquise engagement ring designs make this cut pop in a way never seen before.

But beyond the artistry, we're passionate about creating sustainable, conflict-free and ethically sourced jewelry for everyone. In this collection, we brought our lab-grown diamonds together with the allure of marquise cut to make sure your ring will shine just as bright without the environmental impact. We always believe your love story deserves something special, something that reflects your values and shines as brightly as your future together.

Marquise Cut Lab Diamond Engagement Rings FAQs

What is the best size for a marquise ring?

There's no single 'best' size for a marquise ring, as it depends entirely on your personal style and preferences. A common range for marquise diamond sizes is between 0.5 carats to 2.0 carats. You can go for larger sizes for a more dramatic and eye-catching look or opt for smaller sizes for a more delicate and subtle vibe. If you have further questions about stone sizes, cuts and carats, visit our engagement ring guide or feel free contact us at service@eternate.com.

What is so special about the marquise cut?

To begin with, the marquise cut’s unique boat-like shape with pointed ends offers a different aesthetic than round or oval cut diamonds do. Marquise diamonds also have a larger surface area compared to their carat weight, which means they spark a lot and appear bigger than other cuts of the same size. As a result, this cut turns heads in the best way possible.

Where did the marquise-cut get its name?

There is an intriguing story behind the name 'marquise'. Back in the 18th century, King Louis XV of France was in love with a woman named the Marquise de Pompadour. He admired her beauty, especially her lips, so much that he commissioned a jeweler to create a diamond that mirrored their perfect shape. And eventually the 'marquise cut' was born! So, the next time you see a marquise ring, remember the love story it stands for and the beauty that inspired its creation.

How do you protect a marquise engagement ring?

The pointed ends of the marquise cut might be a bit more vulnerable than other shapes. But don't worry, there are ways to keep your marquise cut engagement ring safe and sound for years to come! First, you should be mindful of your daily activities and take it off before rough activities to protect it from any damage. You can also provide basic cleaning at home with warm water, mild dish soap and a soft toothbrush. For more details, feel free to consult our jewelry care guide.