Celebrating Forever in Every Facet: Moissanite Anniversary Bands

Celebrate the joy of yesterday and the excitement of your tomorrows with Eternate’s moissanite anniversary bands that are designed to commemorate the years you spent together. The designs within this collection range from eleven stone designs, symbolizing enduring promises, to three stone anniversary bands, marking the beginning of your forever. With creative and delightful designs, each piece showcases artistry in every dazzling facet.

Eternate’s women’s anniversary bands are adorned with environmentally friendly moissanites that are ethically sourced and handcrafted with precision. Choose moissanite and let its radiance light up your finger, as well as the path towards a more conscious and ethical world. Remember, every small step, every responsible choice adds up to a whole transformation.

Moissanite Anniversary Bands FAQs

What is an anniversary band?

An anniversary band is a ring that is often adorned with diamonds or gemstones and gifted to celebrate cherished milestones in a marriage. Moissanite anniversary rings can come in various styles such as an eternity band with stones encircling the band or three-stone designs representing your past, present and future.

When do you get an anniversary band?

An anniversary band is typically gifted on a milestone in a marriage, such as a wedding anniversary. Couples often exchange them to commemorate a specific number of years together, with popular choices being the 5th, 7th, 9th, or 11th years and beyond.

How to wear an anniversary band?

An anniversary band is traditionally worn on the same finger as the engagement and wedding rings. However, you may choose to wear it on a different finger with a different order, as it solely depends on your personal style and how you feel comfortable.

What is the difference between an anniversary band and a wedding band?

A wedding band is customarily exchanged during the wedding ceremony. An anniversary band, on the other hand, is often gifted to celebrate specific milestones in a marriage. It’s an additional ring that celebrates the enduring journey of a relationship over the years.