Love's Past, Present, Future: Eternate's Three Stones, a Timeless Promise

A three stone engagement ring is probably one of the most romantic choices to begin your forever story with. A token of your story to honor your past, celebrate your present and commit to your future together. The center stone on a three stone ring symbolizes your present while the flanking stones on each side represent your past and future, all woven together in a masterpiece of sustainable jewelry.

At the heart of Eternate lies a dedication to exceptional design and sustainability alike. With each ring, we strive to offer a delightful alternative without compromising on quality or beauty. Within our collection, each design is carefully crafted to highlight the allure and brilliance of lab-grown diamonds. Our team of skilled experts brings artistry and innovation to each design and works diligently to create jewelry that combines beauty with ethical and environmental practices.

Three Stone Lab Diamond Engagement Rings FAQs

Is it good to get a three-stone lab diamond engagement ring?

Certainly! A three-stone lab diamond engagement ring could be an indication of your thoughtfulness as well as your conscious values. Lab-grown diamonds are ethically and sustainably sourced and thus they provide peace of mind with regards to their environmental and social impact. Besides, three-stone lab diamond engagement rings offer a distinctive design with meaningful symbolism behind. The eye-catching arrangement of three stones with the centered one being slightly bigger than the other two, represents the past, present and future of your relationship.

What kind of jewelry fits manufactured diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds excel in any jewelry you desire! They are quite versatile, which means they can adapt beautifully to all kinds of jewelry such as engagement rings, earrings, wedding rings and pendants. Possibilities are endless! Plus, with sustainable and ethical sourcing, they can make you feel good about your choice while still looking stunning.

How do I know if my diamond is natural or lab created?

Telling the difference between natural and lab-created diamonds with the naked eye is impossible because they’re chemically and physically the same. Only a qualified jeweler or gemological laboratories with specialized equipment can conduct tests and tell them apart. For more details, check out our lab grown diamonds vs natural diamonds guide.

What is the best way to clean lab diamonds?

The good news is, cleaning them on your own is quite easy. Mix warm water with mild soap, soak your jewelry for 15 minutes, gently brush with a soft and clean toothbrush and then rinse and dry well with a cloth. Stick to gentle methods and your lab diamonds will keep shining bright! For more information, check out our jewelry care guide.