You know which ring is the right one for you, but are unsure about the right size? Here is how to measure your ring size.A perfectly fit ring should not come off easily when you ease it on your finger, it should rather slide smoothly. This is important both for your comfort and to minimize the risk of loss.

  • If you already know your ring size, but are not sure how to convert it, you can refer to our ring size conversion chart. 
  • If you are thinking of popping the question or planning a surprise for someone special, you can refer to our guide on sneaky ways to learn their ring size .
  • If you are unsure about your ring size, the easiest way is to use ourring size guide. Just download and print our guide and find a ring that you wear comfortably on the same finger that you are buying your new Eternate ring for. Place the ring on the chart to find the right size.
  • You can also opt for our home try-on kit with a free ring sizer to make sure the ring purchase is a perfect fit.

If you would rather measure at home, here are the steps to follow:

Illustration of scissors cutting a pink ribbon in halfdrawing of hand holding a pink ribbon for finger measurementDrawing of a hand wrapping a ribbon around its finger to measure the ring and showing the cutting location of the ribbonribbon and ruler drawing measuring a ribbon as 45 mm >
illustration of glowing black and white light bulb

Eternate’s tips for a sound measurement:

  • Size of your fingers will change with temperature and throughout the day. They expand in warm weather and shrink in cold. So don’t measure your fingers when you are cold, they are the smallest at this time. Measure your finger at the very end of day in a warm temperate when it is the largest for a more accurate reading.
  • Measure your ring size more than once before your purchase.
  • Your left hand and right hand are not the same size. So make sure to measure the finger you plan to wear the ring on.
  • If your knuckles are larger, take two measurements: one around the knuckle and one where the ring would go. Then choose a size in between. Your ring needs to fit over the knuckle but not be too loose on the finger.
  • Consider the width of the ring you are planning to purchase. If it is wide, go for a 0,5 larger size.
  • If you are hovering between two sizes, pick the larger one.

Got more questions? Check out our ring size faq’s.



Ring Size FAQs
Do not get stressed over the size of your ring. As Eternate, we provide resizing service for our wedding and engagement rings during the first year. Also by our commitment to 100% satisfaction you may return your ring within the first 30-days of its arrival with money back guarantee.
For resizing, we may need to add or remove small amounts of metal from your ring to give you the best possible fit. After the process your ring may be slightly thicker or thinner but those changes are not visible to the naked eye, nor can you feel it on your finger. After the resizing our experienced craftsmen will also clean and polish your ring, so that your resized ring will continue to sparkle and fit perfectly.
Apart from eternity rings, most ring settings can easily be resized. If you are unsure about the ring size, you can always consult our professional jewelers or reach us at to ensure that the ring you purchase will be eligible for resizing.
At Eternate, we offer half and quarter sizes to ensure that your ring fits perfectly. However, if you are hovering between two sizes, it is always a better idea to pick the larger size. Also good to keep in mind is the width of the ring. If it is wide, go for a 0,5 larger size.
With some tact, why not? In fact, there are several ways of finding out your partner’s ring size. The two easiest are either using a ring of theirs to find out or ask a friend for help. You can also read about other sneaky ways to learn their ring size we have come up with.
At Eternate all rings are comfort fit. Comfort fit refers to the inner wall of the ring where the ring touches your skin. Comfort fit rings have a curved interior which allows the ring to slip on and off your finger and over your knuckle more easily. Whereas a standard fit ring will have a flat interior that fits snugly on your finger, the comfort fit ring will be flush against your skin, giving you the most comfortable wearing experience.