Sustainable Luxury: Oval Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

At Eternate, we are committed to creating ethical and sustainable jewelry. Our lab grown diamond oval engagement rings sparkle with unmatched character. Each material and stone are ethically sourced and carefully crafted to align with your conscious values and our ethical standards.

Each design incorporates the captivating oval cut, which offers the same exceptional brilliance and play of light you might expect from a round diamond. This lengthened ellipse shape adds more distinction to your ring and makes your finger appear slimmer. Whether you decide to have your oval lab grown diamond shine in a solitaire setting or prefer a more sophisticated design with additional accents or vintage settings, you can find a design that complements your story, style and values in our collection.

Oval Cut Lab Diamond Engagement Rings FAQs

Is it a good choice to get a lab grown diamond for an engagement ring?

We can list a number of reasons why lab grown diamonds are a good choice for an engagement ring. Most importantly, lab diamonds are created in laboratories without causing environmental degradation and therefore alleviate concerns about sustainability. That’s why we proudly present our oval lab diamond engagement rings as dazzling alternatives.

Is oval a good shape for an engagement ring?

Oval engagement rings are definitely having a moment! Their distinctive elongated shape lengthens fingers and makes diamonds appear larger, which results in a flattering and shiny look. Additionally, their numerous faceting creates a beautiful play of light that is similar to round diamonds.

What does an oval engagement ring symbolize?

The connected circular shape of the oval cut is believed to symbolize eternity and the everlasting commitment of marriage. Its symmetrical curves suggest harmony and completion, which may also represent the way two souls come together. But the meaning of an oval engagement ring is quite personal and can be shaped by your own story between you and your partner.